Do you remember?

I don’t forget things easily. Apart from remembering bad and nasty things that had happened to me throughout the years, I also have the ability to remember sweet wonderful things…things that happened when I was an innocent little girl who was loved and protected by her loving family.

Things like this. Fish satay or locally known in Malaysia as ‘satay ikan’. Fish satay is a local street-snack made from fluffy fish ball. This snack was the first after-school snack that I bought with my first pocket-money. I was in standard 1 when I first bought this snack. My parents used to give me RM1 as my pocket-money and every day when the school is out, I will spend RM0.20 on the fish satay. Back then it only costs RM0.10 per stick, and one was never enough for me.


It is slightly grilled over flamed charcoal upon order.


And dipped into a special, one of a kind gooey sweet and spicy sauce before being served.

The delicious snack is meant to be eaten immediately or on the go. It’s a real comfort food, in my humble opinion, and I couldn’t help but grab some when I saw it yesterday. It cost me Rm0.20 per stick, a 100% more than what it used to be.

It may not taste the same as the ones I used to have after school when I was a kid, but it does gives me comfort and good feelings, something that I don’t really get to feel often these days.

So…do you remember any comfort food that you used to have back then? Is it something like this or it’s something much more gourmet and luxurious? I know some people don’t really do cheap street food as their comfort food, especially the spoiled rotten kids these days…who are often treated to expensive desserts and whatnot after school by their parents, but heck… such comfort food is really good for me.

Cleffairy: Gone are the good old days where everything was easy, simple and cheap.


  1. suituapui says:

    Never seen that before. The only satay ikan I know would be those very thin slices of dried fish on sticks. Saw lots of those in Pangkor…. BBQ them before eating, will bring the taste to a whole new level. Very nice.

  2. Cleffairy says:

    This one is pretty common over here… usually sold in the vicinity of primary or secondary school…preying on hungry school kids who will definitely go for this kind of junks. 😀

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