Domino’s Pizza is Blasting With All New Delicious Durian Lava Cake

So, it’s been what? More than 40 days since the government enforced the lockown in effort to battle the Covid-19. And I’ll be completely honest with you, while everyone’s else is picking up on culinary skills and showing off the fruit of their labour on social media while they’re staying home during the quarantine period, I’m still sadly lacking in that department. It’s not that I did not make any efforts but I simply couldn’t pick up the skill, especially baking. Sure, making simple meals is fine, but anything else beyond the frying pan or the microwave is off limits to me, and I’m better off ordering food online. One of my favourite platform to order food is the FoodPanda.

FoodPanda is an online delivery apps that allows users to order food from restaurants that’s nearby their location. It’s an awesome apps and have been somewhat my lifesaver throughout the quarantine period. They have alot of riders who are on standby to deliver your orders and you’re basically spoiled for choices. FoodPanda have plenty of restaurants listed in their apps. Want to eat Korean food? They got it. Craving for desserts or cakes? They got it too. Everything is within clicks away and you can also schedule your order in advance instead of having your food delivered straight away. A perfect plan for those who are busy working from home and sometimes forgets the track of time to take care of their meals. Price-wise, FoodPanda is always offering discounts and free deliveries, so it’s quite kind on the pocket too.

Anyway, I was craving for some pastries and something rich and sweet, and so I searched for something to order on FoodPanda and discovered that Domino’s Pizza has just introduced their new Durian Lava Cake.

This newly released sweet dessert is a marriage between the classic lava cake and the king of fruits, durian. Made from luscious and decadent D24 durian flesh, it’s a guarantee to satisfy any durian lover’s cravings. In the time where social distancing is the new norm, one can no longer hunt for durians on the street, and this is probably the next best thing to a freshly opened durian on the sidewalk.

Having second thoughts about trying this exotic desserts? Well, Domino’s Pizza promises that their Durian Lava Cake is specially crafted in a special way to mask the smell of durian without compromising on the flavors. The hint of durian flavor offers a unique taste, while the exquisite center filling gives it a distinctive and unforgettable experience, so I think it’s worth a shot.

The Durian Lava Cake is available from April 6 onwards. But in line with the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, Domino’s operating hours may differ as per permitted operating hours according to local councils in each state. Its commitment to the safety of its delivery riders and customers is evident with the implementation of its mandatory Zero Contact services, so don’t worry guys, just order away from FoodPanda and give yourself a decadent sweet treat.

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