Behind The Scene with Hunks, and More Hunks

I’m a terribly vain person. I appreciate beautiful things in life. This may sound superficial but I like to dress up and feeling good about myself. I like dresses that flatters me and make me stands out in the crowd, and therefore, I appreciate designer’s clothing much more than branded clothing that you can easily obtain in retail stores. There is something about designer’s clothing that brings out such an enigma out of you.

Being in the media industry for almost a decade, I’ve been invited to countless fashion shows, and I enjoyed each and every one of it immensely, especially the presentation of each designer’s masterpiece. In my opinion, all of them are wonderfully unique in their own ways.

Whenever I get invites for fashion shows, I will always be given media seats or VIP seats with unobstructed views. It is an honour and I’ve always been happy with the arrangement but a bigger honour would be the most recent one I’ve been invited to, during MaTic Street Art Festival 2015, where there is a fashion show that features Mr.Planet Malaysia 2016 finalists showcasing street wear collections by four renowned local designers was showcased.

As mentioned earlier, MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 is an effort done by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to introduce street art culture to the public and at the same time, endorse artists from all walks of life as undeniably remarkable talents that should be appreciate by all, be it locally or internationally. Part of the things that MaTic Street Art Festival 2015 offers to the visitors was street fashion.

I’ve been to plenty of fashion show, mostly are classy and glamorous ones but this time around, instead of media or VIP seat, I was given an exclusive insight on what happened behind the scene, at the dressing room before the fashion show commence. Best part of it all? Everything was so pleasing on the eyes. And yes. I was literally talking about the models.

It is indeed an interesting experience, to be able to get an insight of what went on behind the scene before a fashion show and I come to realize that to make even a 15 minutes fashion showcase successful, it takes a lot of efforts and preparation beforehand.

 photo 20151107_202328_zpszzcp6pcq.jpg

Here’s what actually happens behind the scene. Models don’t always look photo ready for photographers to shoot when they are strutting their stuff on stage. A make up artist always have a hand in that. Here’s MUA Kahoo of Kahoo image, prepping lecturer cum model, Fareez Vincent Amos before the show.

 photo 20151107_211030_zpsvxiuhj6n.jpg

Stripping in and out of clothing. All of these needs to be swiftly done to ensure time is well managed.

 photo 20151107_202825_zpsux87kc8p.jpg

Discipline is well enforced and adhered at all times. Instructions by organizers, coaches and designers are followed closely to ensure perfect chereography on stage. What you see here is models who are lining up and listening to instructions on what they are supposed to do and how they should choreograph themselves on stage in order to captivate the audience.

 photo 20151107_200238_zpsjjmfurpp.jpg

Sometimes, there can be changes on showtimes due to weathers and whatnot, so the models have to keep their patience in check at all times and not throw temper tantrums.

 photo 20151107_210240_zps7hxhduiu.jpg

Entertaining adoring fans who swing by is also part of the package, and I’m pleased to report that these models are not just models, but gentlemen in the truest sense as well.

 photo 20151107_212830_zpsmpcbndb5.jpg

Sure, things can be a little frenzy in the dressing room, but there is always time for fun before business. Here’s the models having some fun group picture time with each other.

Some eye candies for you ladies, and gentlemen too if you swing that way. These men are not only looks but with brains too. Not all of them are full time models. Most of them have day job and are professionals.There’s an editor, doctor, lecturer and university student over here in the picture. Can you make a guess which one is which?

After hours of prepping, here’s the highlight of the night; the showcasing of street wear collections for men, by talented local designers, Kos Serani, Qif Alvarez, Qamel Ayub and Butik UA. Models are finalists for Mr.Planet Malaysia 2016.

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Bold, daring and unique by Kos Serani

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Modern and versatile

Shockingly sexy and outstanding outfits by Qif Avarez.

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Quite hot and seductive designs, don’t you think?

 photo PhotoGrid_1447030431541_zps74wjufu1.jpg

Flashy, but versatile enough to be worn at formals.

 photo PhotoGrid_1447030469818_zpstotifbnq.jpg

Smart and classy, definitely for those who wants to appear charming.

 photo IMG_9769_zpsgzdoiiw4.jpg

One design that caught my eyes. Modern with a touch of tradition.

 photo IMG_9783_zpsl7dfwebc.jpg

Undeniably sporty and futuristic.

 photo 20151107_212319_zpsohqbghb8.jpg

And here’s one for the album. In my humble opinion, while Malaysians tend to look West whenever fashion brands is concerned, both our local models and designers are like diamonds in the rough. They are talented and have a lot to offer to the fashion and tourism industry at an international level. All we need to is just give them some recognition that they deserve and you’ll discover that you have actually been missing a lot.


  1. geng qian says:

    Wow! eye candies! lucky you have gotten the backstage pass. i really like they blend in local element into the design, and yes, i like your choice on the red one too!

    p/s: so who is the doctor? :p

  2. Caroline says:

    Wow! As i scroll and saw those sexy outfits by Qif Avarez, I wonder how many guys out there would wear it out! I know my gays bestie definitely going to love these! xD

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