Donburi Delights at Sango Japanese Restaurant Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Love Japanese food but sick and tired of going for those Japanese food franchises that serves mediocre Japanese cuisine? Well then, look no further than Sango Japanese Restaurant.

Located at level 2 of Crystal Crown Hotel in Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia, Sango Japanese Restaurant is specialized in serving mouthwatering Yakitori as well as assorted traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. The restaurant have a history of 22 years in Malaysia as of 2017, and still going strong.

The restaurant offers public dining, but should you require some privacy, private tatami room is available upon request and it could accomodate 8 pax of guests at one time. Perfect for small private gatherings.

Spotted upon entering the restaurant is their open sashimi bar where the chef will freshly prepare sashimi for you upon ordering.

Similar to the sashimis, Yakitori are also made to order to retain the natural flavours of the skewered dish.


Sango Japanese Restaurant is specialized in Yakitori, but having heard that they are currently offering delicious Donburi Set Lunch with irresitible pricetag attached to it, we decided to check that out instead. For those who are not familar with the term, ‘Donburi’ is basically a simple one-dish meal topped with all of your favorite Japanese hot dish. Donburi rice bowls are the perfect choice for a quick and delicious meal. Named after the large bowl that it’s served in “don”, a Donburi usually consists of a bowl of steamed rice, meat, vegetables, sauce, and usually a side of pickles and miso soup. Donburi is simply an all-in-one meal that’s both convenient to eat and filling to the tummy. Donburi cuisine first started to appear in Japan from the 1600s, when pieces of grilled eel were served on top of rice to theatergoers during the Edo period. Since then, the offerings for donburi have expanded to all kinds of ingredients, from beef to chicken and seafood and more.

The Donburi Set Lunch at Sango Japanese Restaurant are priced from RM15.90 per bowl and comes with soup of the day and 1 scoop of Sango Homemade Ice Cream. It is available daily. Pretty much affordable, in my opinion. The Donburi that we managed to try during our visit were; Chicken Teriyaki Don, Salmon Teriyaki Ju, Chicken Katsu Curry Don, Gyu Don, Yasai Kaki Age Don, Unagi Tamago Don,Ten Don, and Tempura Soba


Salmon Teriyaki Ju (RM22.90). The Salmon fillet were light in flavour. The natural sweetness that comes from the fresh Salmon fish itself. They were grilled to perfection and drizzled with soya sauce. A fan of fish dish will definitely appreciate this bowl of wholesome goodness.


Chicken Katsu Curry Don (RM18.90). Being a typical Malaysian girl, I love spicy food and when it comes to curries, I usually fancy a stronger tasting curry, but this one doesn’t taste too bad. The chicken were adeptly fried while the curry gravy taste pretty much on the sweet side. I reckon children will love this rice bowl very much, considering it’s mild taste.


Gyu Don (RM18.90). This bowl of rice were generously topped with beef, onion slices and shimeiji mushrooms simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi and soy sauce. The umami flavours from the beef slices balanced out the sweetness of the soya sauce and I have to say that this was one of my favourite Donburi at Sango Japanese Restaurant.


Yasai Kaki Age Don (RM15.90). Kaki age is a very popular form of Tempura in Japan, usually made from whatever scrap veggies found in the fridge. Similar to the ones found in a typical Japanese homes, this vegetable tempura is irresitibly delicious and even more so when it’s paired with a bowl of rice drizzled with sweet soya sauce.


Unagi Tamago Don (RM25.90). Unagi Tamago Don is basically grilled eel rice bowl. Sweet caramelized homemade unagi sauce were drizzled over perfectly grilled unagi and steamed rice were served alongside with a piece of Japanese egg omelet. This dish will without a doubt make any Japanese food enthusiasts ask for seconds the moment they are done with the ricebowl.

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Ten Don (RM18.90). Ten Don is a short name for Tempura Donburi. A classic favourite where crispy tempura pieces were laid over freshly steamed rice and topped with a delicious light soy dressing. Another one of my favourite at Sango Japanese Restaurant.

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Chicken Katsu Tamago Don (RM15.90). Love chicken and eggs? Well then this dish is for you. This dish feature golden breaded fried chicken served eggs and onions over rice drizzled with savory dashi sauce. A comfort in a bowl, I must say.

Tempura Soba (RM18.90). Not quite a ricebowl but if you want something else than rice while dining at Sango Japanese Restaurant, this Tempura Soba is quite a good bet. The Soba noodle is simply delicious.

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Yakitori Omakase is another must try item at Sango Japanese Restaurant. The skewered dish is made to order and were merely seasoned with sprinkling of coarse sea salt to maintain the natural flavours or the meat or veggies. Great to be had as snacks or to be paired with a bowl of piping hot rice.


Sango Bento is also highly recommended for those who wants a bit of everything in their meal. The bento’s portion is satisfyingly huge.


Tempura Moriawase is a must order if you are a tempura fan and just want to have something to nibble instead of having it with rice.


Sushi Moriawase is a must order at Sango Japanese Restaurant for Sushi fans. If you prefer not to have your sushi with wasabi however, please convey that to your waiter upon ordering as they prepare the sushi with wasabi by default.


One for the album, with my family and friends during our most recent visit to Sango Japanese Restaurant. If anything, I must say that it is quite a unique experience to dine at this restaurant. While the interior deco of the restaurant is rather dated, it still has the classic rustic charms that makes you feel as if you are transported back in time.

For more information, ongoing promotion and news on Sango Japanese Restaurant, please refer to the information below:

Sango Japanese Restaurant
2nd Floor, Crystal Crown Hotel,
12 Lorong Utara A,
Off Jalan Utara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7958 5228
Business hour: 11am-2.30pm (lunch) 5pm-10.30pm (dinner) daily.


The restaurant is a pork-free establishment.

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