Don’t send a search party…

Hello everybody… my mummy’s away. She’s kinda missing in action. So here I am today. A guest writer for Over A Cuppa Tea. My name is Meow Meow. That’s what Papa and Mummy call me.

Wondering why mummy seems to vanish from the face of the Earth? These are to be blamed…

Books… her loot from some book sale.

Pretty neat, eh? She managed to grab these for quite a cheap price. Rm3. Each. All of it are mystery books though some of the covers are romantic in nature.

More mystery and adventure books. And guess what she’s doing at home now? She’s wearing her cowboy hat while reading Indiana Jones! Tsk tsk tsk. I think mummy will be getting a fedora hat from the night bazaar pretty soon, and God forbids she gets her hands on a bull whip! Mummy is lethal enough without a whip!

*sigh* Mummy is a sucker for romance. Could never resist romance fiction… even if they are not on sale! Tsk tsk tsk~ She grumbled on and on on why these babes are not on sale… and yet she still took it and bring them home. I can’t understand mummy…or any other human for that matter. They are just so weird.

But boy, am I glad that mummy did went for the book sale. She not only bought books for herself to read, but some magazines for papa to read, and some children’s books for me to share with big brother. 😀

*sigh* I don’t like to share though. I want the books for myself!

I like to read like mummy too.

See? Mummy bought me a book about witches… suits me, don’t you think?

But mummy told me that I must share… or else, what I’ll get is just the box that she used to bring home those books. *sobs* I guess I must share, mustn’t I? Wouldn’t want people to call me a greedy Meow, would I?

Meow Meow: Sharing is good, so you must share. And please don’t send a search party just yet if you don’t see my mummy around. She’s probably busy eating her books.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yeah… reading the student’s boring essays can be pretty…challenging. I agree. But we can’t really blame the students when their works are boring, can we? Our education system demands them to play by the rule, hence, none of the essays are creative and out of the box. Not interesting read… those essays. My students tend to play it safe. Really boring… 🙁

  1. Jeremin says:

    oh my.. 3RM books? I wish S’pore have such cheap books. Books in singapore are darn expensive. Only go library to borrow are free. However, it is hard to get those books which i want s there are hot popular books..

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