Eat, Play,Love: Backstage with The Stars

After the dazzling show, us social media influencers were given an opportunity to meet and greet the stars of Fantastica!2. πŸ˜€ Quite an inspiring experience, I must say. Here’s the photos taken backstage, and a little bit about them πŸ˜€


Upside Down Walker, Kai Leclerc is a Canadian born and raised in Milan, Italy. He is an inventor, director and producer of various imaginative aerial acts as well as magic tricks for theater productions. As a self-taught actor and performing arts director, he developed the Upside Down Ceiling walker performance, which was inspired by a century-old act with roots in Indian traditions and culture. The astounding stunt involves him singing, dancing and juggling with his feet stuck to the ceiling and his head pointing towards the ground. His extraordinary work has received recognition at international festivals in Monte Carlo and Moscow. With all these credentials under his belt, you can be sure to expect nothing but the best from Kai Leclerc. Beside him is his partner in crime.


Rola Rola Man. Hailing from Portugal, Dany Daniel is a master of balance and famously known as the “Rola Rola Man”. He began his career at the age of 14 in France and has been entertaining at numerous venues worldwide for 25 years, performing both on stage and TV shows. Assisted by the beautiful Edina, he continues to defy the law of gravity with each performance in what is touted as one of the world’s fastest and most complicated balancing act. Dany Daniel’s act is so impressive that he was invited to perform at the 89th Royal Variety Performance in Liverpool, which was attended by Queen Elizabeth II.


Bubble magician Jano Yang. His artistic manipulation of soap bubbles, which he spent 20 years perfecting, will make you laugh and smile or just stare in awe. His unique talent earned him a nomination for Best Artist in the popular French TV Show “Le Plis Grand Cabaret du Monde’. He performed for 3 years in the Italian Bubble Production and fully joined Fan Yang’s productions around the world in 2004. Most recently, Jano starred in the “Mega Bubble Show” in las Vegas, “Fan Yang’s Bubble World” in Seoul, and “Gazillion Bubble Show” in USA and Canada.


Deo Aqua Mermaids. Deo Aqua Mermaids is comprised of Anudati and Khaliun, two beautiful ladies from Mongolia who are skilled in the delicate art of contortion. As members of the renowned Khulan Circus, they can also perform trapeze acts. Watch as they gracefully flex and bend their bodies into seemingly impossible poses and positions in their ethereal Water Bowl act. In 2009, they won the Best Act and Best Artist award at the Mongolian Circus Festival and the Best Act award at the Italian Circus Festival in 2010. The talented pair has performed on stage in South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, and Europe in addition to appearing in cruise liner shows all around the world.

These people are remarkably talented, and their show is a must watch. To witness the wonder of Fantastica!2, hop over to or call (603) 27181118 for ticket bookings and reservations.

The wonders of Fantastica!2 will be showing in Resorts World Genting from 2nd Nov 2013 onwards. The tickets are now on sale at RM115 (VIP), RM85 (PS1), and RM55 (PS2) for adults while tickets for children are prices at RM60(VIP), RM45 (PS1), and RM30 (PS2). If you book your tickets from today onwards to 15th Nov 2013, you can enjoy a 40% early bird discount, applicable to all price scale. Genting Reward Card members will get to enjoy special 30%discount while non members enjoy special 20% discount if tickets booking are made between 16th to 30th November 2013.




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