Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Ramadan Buffet 2016 in Klang Valley

Deciding which hotel to break fast with your family and colleague during Ramadan can be quite a hassle. There’s so many restaurants and hotels around offering all sort of things and their prices differs too. So here’s my Top 10 pick on where to break fast this Ramadan 2016 to help you decide:

1. Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel

 photo 20160506_195800_zpskw2v34qo.jpg

Must try: The noodle station. They have superb Laksa Utara and Laksa Thai.

Buffet’s pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-sinar-ramadan-utara-coffee-house-armada-pj

2. Saffron Brasserie AnCasa Hotel & Spa KL

 photo 20160512_130212_zpscbhtyusv.jpg

Must Try: Nasi Kerabu. Original and authentic.

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-selera-desa-nostalgia-60an-saffron-brasserie-of-ancasa-hotel-spa-kuala-lumpur

3. Hotel Royal KL

 photo 20160510_150657_zpsulnj5kyf.jpg

Must Try: Sup Gearbox

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-lambaian-selera-utara-hotel-royal-kuala-lumpur

4. Verandah, Cyberview Resort& Spa

 photo 20160608_192138_zpsxbhl5xd5.jpg

Must Try: Freshly cooked prawns

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-verandah-cyberview-resortspa

5. Pearl International Hotel

 photo PhotoGrid_1464103077743_zpsl4myg2zm.jpg

Must try: Nasi Kandar with rotational side dishes.

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-sentuhan-ramadan-berbuka-puasa-at-cafe-5-pearl-international-hotel


 photo PhotoGrid_1463572964100_zpswest6lea.jpg

Must try: The varieties of their rendangs originating from different states in Malaysia.

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-ramadan-selera-kampung-chatz-brasserie-parkroyal-kuala-lumpur

7. Renaissance KL

 photo IMG_4903_zpsajecf5ag.jpg

Must try: Durian

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-traditional-malaysian-flavours-and-all-you-can-eat-durian-at-temptations-renaissance-kuala-lumpur

8. Cempaka Apartment Hotel

 photo IMG_2414_zpsugc2aznp.jpg

Must try: Kari Kepala Ikan

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-junction-bistro-selera-makan-malam-buffet-cempaka-apartment-hotel

9. Dorsett KL

 photo 20160519_202552_zpsrdxe9d5i.jpg

Must try: Chef’s special salmon fish

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-selera-kampung-dorsett-kl

10. Ramada Plaza

 photo 20160407_200710_zps2dyo3qdk.jpg

Must try: Mee Kari

Buffet pricing and details: https://cleffairy.com/ramadan-buffet-2016-santapan-warisan-melayu-la-brasserie-ramada-plaza

I hope this editor’s pick will be a useful reference, and happy fasting to all Muslims out there.

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