Ekkks, I saw a ghost! Call ghostbuster!

If you Ah Bengs , Ah Lians as well as Apeks out there are going back to your respective hometown this weekend or next weekend to pray to your ancestors for Qing Ming, then I think you guys do believe in ghost, spirit, souls, whatever you call those entity you believe that’s still roaming about doing God knows what once a year around their grave after they died.

So, here’s a little bit something for the believers and non believers of ghoulish stuff out there. This entry is dedicated to those who are going to pray to the people that they know and do not know during Qing Ming. I sincerely hope you get to see or talk to those entity personally. LMAO. Have fun peeps.


This photograph taken in 1916 is showing a figure likely being the soul of someone departing.


A couple took a picture of their one year old baby in the car. The car stopped outside a cemetery of the 17th century.


A couple take a photo of their baby , while the TV was switched off. This face appeared. The fact that a picture was taken, its proved by the flash next to the figure!


A couple on vacation took a photo of their daughter.When the film was developed, a lady without legs appeared.

This is a scene from the film called ‘Three men and a baby’. A boy behind the curtains appeared. They say that this boy was killed in the same room that the film was taking place.


This picture was taken by a reporter in Indonesia , in 1993. The reporter wanted to take a photo of a room where a mass killing was done.When the photo was developed showed this!! It is said that people that were looking at this picture for long, had nervous breakdown problems afterwards.


Look at the pictures below carefully. What does this picture tell you? Are they optical illusion? Or are they some sort of paranormal entity?







Cleffairy: Seeing is believing, but believing is seeing?


  1. cleffairy says:

    FuFu…maybe they are camera effects… i’m still trying to figure it out!

    Calvin…. eiyerr, you give excuse only. Every nite oso sleep under her ketiak. LMAO….

    Kenwooi… nothing to be scared of, actually human are scarier than ghost!Anyway, welcome to my humble blog.

    …. lol….these are nothing. Those hostel ghost stories are more horrible!

    Arc, bro, you went to grave on malam Jumaat ar?

    Kikey, make sure you dun show it to the kids. LOL.

    , I agree with you. One fat feller oso can be very handsome wif photoshop!

    Amoker…. well, that’s one hell of a ghost that i’ve been waiting for too! Wish she could haunt those assholes all the way to Tanjung Rambutan.

    Jo… go hug your dear. LMAO…

    … welcome to my blog. 😀 In a way, i guess it is creepy.

    ….why la cannot tahan? LOLs

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  4. cleffairyt5t5t5 says:

    Calvin, lmao… no, he very macho wan. but i do the same thing as you. Lmao…

    Chris…. nonid to takut, do what me and Calvin do… hide under our spouse’s ketiak! Ahahahaha

    … definitely can. These days, the photo industry very advance…. more advance than the botoxman’s plastic surgeon, i tell u!

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