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Have you ever thought of getting a tad adventurous and have this urge to go exploring some small towns but have no idea where and how to start because there is simply no information for you to look up on the net?

Well, earlier in January we went to Tamqn Negara in Pahang and thought that Pahang has more to offer than just the well famed national park. I have always wanted to explore Bentong, a small town in Pahang. It is my husband’s late grandmother’s hometown. He is rather fond of his late maternal grandmother and told me stories about growing up with her in Bentong as a child occasionally. I never had a chance to explore Bentong, though as it is really a small town, and had no idea of what they have to offer. My husband’s childhood memories of the town is vague too and so, we’re rather bummed.

Luckily for us, the Bentong folks has come up an initiative to popularize and bringing tourists to Bentong by creating a free, downloadable travel guide apps that you can refer to should you wish to travel to Bentong. The smartphone apps is known as Go Bentong apps.

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Go Bentong apps is available in Playstore and is free to download and use.

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Once downloaded, you will be prompted to login. You may opt to register an account using your email or login by using your existing Facebook account.
I wouldn’t exactly compare the apps with navigation apps like Waze or the Google maps, but the apps is certainly useful in guiding us on where to go during our most recent trip to Bentong.It is a simple travel guide apps and pretty easy to navigate.

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Informations are in placed in categories and you can spot them on the left handside of the screen. There’s ‘Food’, ‘Attractions’ ‘Stay’, ‘News’ and many more.

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Once you click on the category that you want, you’ll discover that there is a fairly decent database of articles and information on what you need, and it definitely brings us places in Bentong.

More about our trip to Bentong soon, but do check out this informative travel guide apps. Who knows, you might be tempted to explore Bentong the way we did.

To download the apps:

Android : https://goo.gl/hQpxv7
iOS : https://goo.gl/B8MoLL

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