Things to Do In Bentong

Bentong, Pahang is a sleepy and quiet town that is populated mostly by Chinese. While the town is small but it is not exactly secluded from the rest of the world. During the most recent visit to Bentong with my family and #kembaradekatje crew, we explored the town for a little bit and we discovered that the place certainly gives you the feeling of stepping back into time. Old buildings can be seen everywhere and life is pretty much laid back.

There is plenty of attractions in Bentong. Well famed for their durian orchards and hot water spring, the town is usually flooded by durian lovers during durian seasons and those who seeks a short spa escapade.

What people don’t know about Bentong is that it has much more to offer than just durian and a soak in the hot water spring.

Here’s my top 5 picks on things you must do in Bentong apart from going to the hot water spring and indulging in a durian feast at a durian orchard:

 photo 20160130_211047_zpsrryxsz2w.jpg

1. Visit Bentong Walk

 photo 20160131_102235_zpsnsfvplzr.jpg

2. Visit the Wet Market and the Morning Market

 photo 20160131_110156_zpshkoitqes.jpg

3. Breakfast at old school kopitiam

 photo 20160131_141734_zpscoxuowqp.jpg

4. Eat Lemang Tok Ki

 photo 20160131_001005_zpsnptlxbv8.jpg

5. Enjoy Thai cuisine

More details on the things listed above in the next posts. In the meantime, find out more about this small but fascinating town with Go Bentong apps.

To download the apps:

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