Suspended F1 Cars.

I’m still having F1 fever…so bear with me. Okay, what’s the difference between a powerful car and a stud in bed? I’d say…not really much, cuz we can ride them hard and fast and they’re still well lubricated and have the stamina to get keep on going.

And like a stud who is up to perform, powerful cars like F1 cars, can not only be driven fast and hard, but it can also be suspended in the air…just like these…


Cool, isn’t it?


In my opinion, this is not just cool, but sexy as well. Looking at a car like this can actually make my heart race faster…

It makes me feel so high.
Cuz in truth, no one can actually see the underside of an F1 car under normal circumstances. You’d only be able to see it only if an F1 driver had and accident or something and the car was flipped over for the world to see.

Cleffairy: You got my body shakin’


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