Sago worms


Will you eat these? Smallkucing and Mamarazzi bought me these, and it was really delicious. I prefer my sago worms to be alive when I eat them, they are juicier and slurpier when they are still alive, but they died on the way back and Mamarazzi had to fry em up for me before she gave them to me. Poor Mamarazzi. She knew that I like my worms alive. She bought so much and yet some of them died before they even reach home. Perhaps these creature are delicate and couldn’t survive long if they are not in their tree bark. πŸ™ Sad, isn’t it? They are very expensive too, as far as I’m concerned.

I ate half tub of these and left some for my husband. He likes it too, but unfortunately for him, the worms triggered allergy reaction,and within minutes, his body was full of red spots and big rashes. I was really shocked, but I guess it is a good thing cuz next time, there will be more worms for me. Hahahahaha!

Neway, thank you Smallkucing and family for the load of goodies. I love them alot.

Cleffairy: Yummy yummy worms, come to mummy!


  1. Rose says:

    A lot live worms sold in wet market in Kuching here. But I would prefer to eat fried one. Cannot imagine those live worms alive and crawling in my mouth! Yikes!

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