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I have very sensitive skin and every now and then, my skin would itch and I’d get rashes. It’s extremely uncomfortable, and more often than not, I’d ended up scratching my skin til it breaks and hurt.

Apart from the fact that it made me feel extremely uncomfortable, it lowers my self confidence too as I have the urge to scratch my skin in public places. It’s really embarrassing when you need to ease your itch in public by scratching, trust me. It’s definitely not attractive and many would be appalled by your behavior.

And so, I consulted a dermatologist not long ago, and I was told that it happened because the water that I used to bathe was probably ‘hard water’ or ‘unclean water’, and therefore, causing my skin to get irritated all over, especially after showering. The dermatologist in question suggested that I have a water softener or a water filter installed in my bathroom so that the water that I use to bathe would not have such effect on my skin.

I did not know what water softener is, but I was told that water softeners functioned to soften the water that we use for showering. You see, tap water is considered as hard water cuz it contains chlorine and various chemical element in it that is harmful for the body.

Did you know that using normal tap water to bathe or shower can cause you various skin problems? Well, I didn’t, so imagine my horror when I was told that using tap water to bathe could not only cause various skin disease, but could accelerate hair loss and skin aging because the chlorine in tap water destroys vitamins in our skin.

I’m afraid I’m quite a vain pot. I do not wish to age before time and I do not wish to have itchy skin most of the time, and so, I decided to go for a water softener hunting.

There are various brands of water softeners in the market, but there’s one particular , trustworthy brand from Korea that I got my eyes on. The brand is known as Coway.  Coway is a leading brand in home-wellness appliances, and they have this water softener that I need. It’s known as Coway Spa Water Softener.

Coway Spa Water Softener functions to transform tap water in our homes to soft water. Consequently, the water that comes out through the water softener is a much healthier option for our bodies.

The water softener removes contaminant particles to ensure our skin absorbs only clean water with several layers of protection.

  • Composite filters for smoother skin i.e. remove harmful substances such as chlorine and floating substances in tap water to minimize irritation to skin.
  • Cation ion exchange resin for removal of substances causing water hardness.

Coway Spa Water Softener has outstanding water softening efficiency. It is increased greatly thanks to product design that utilizes ion exchange resin by using the scatter board installed inside the tank.

Initially, I have doubts about this water softener, but I was assured that the benefits of Coway Spa Water Softener has been proved by a 4 month test done by Woongjin Coway Cosmetics R&D Center, SMCTC (A clinical test organization) & KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute).

Anyway, I decided to try it out and had it installed in my bathroom. You see, Coway is having this special promo, and I can’t help myself. They are giving the public the opportunity to try out the Spa Water Softener (1,000 units) for FREE in the comfort of their homes with Coway’s exclusive 14 day trial period. It is absolutely free  has no hidden charge. You are also not obligated to buy their product if you think that the product is unsatisfactory or you think that you do not need it after all. Interested? Check it out at their website here: Alternatively, you can call their tol free number: 1800-888-111 for further information and assistance.

I’ve been using it for a week now. The unit is easy to use. It’s now connected to my hot water shower unit to soften the water and can easily maintained. Frankly speaking, I’m rather tempted to keep the water softener unit. I’ve seen positive effect on my skin after using it. My usually dry skin stays moisturized much longer and my dandruffs has been reduced. My skin feels softer and no longer itch each time after I come out from the shower too, so I guess the water softener unit really does do wonder.

*SIGH* To keep or not to keep the unit, that is the question. I’m still considering it as for rental unit, Coway customers needs to pay RM70 monthly rental and entitled free product maintenance every 2 months up to 5 years while a one off purchase is RM1,900 with free 1 year maintenance (for every 2 months).

*TSK* I can’t decide. Let me use it for a couple more days before I decide to rent it or to return the unit.

Coway Spa Water Softener


  1. Amanda says:

    So if you don’t want to buy or rent the water softener, then you got to call them up to return the thing after 14 days? You sure there’s no obligation to buy or rent? Some companies will keep persuade you to buy or rent the thing yunno…I’m interested to try… only if there’s no hidden charges and no purchasing obligation.

  2. Verita says:

    Hi. I’m your silent reader and I’m interested to try this product. I have a few questions about the water softener:

    1. Will the water pressure change when you install this in ur bathroom?
    2.How long does it take to install the water softener?
    3. Will the PH of the water change when you use it?

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hi Veritas, thank you for leaving a comment here. I din know that I have silent readers. 😀 Ok… here’s some answer to your questions…I’m answering this based on experience.

      It doesn’t take long… the installation process. Just about 30-45 minutes, and so far, the unit that I’m using does not give me any problems where water pressure is concerned. Nothing changes for me…but I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone else, so I guess you got to try to find out.

      And on PH… I suppose it does change, considering that the water softener used some salt to neutralize lotsa element in the water. But, this is just my assumption. If you want further information regarding this, you can contact Coway personnels. I’m sure they would be pleased to help you.

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