G-Shock Celebrates 35th Anniversary in Malaysia with Absolute Toughness

Any fans of timepieces here? I sure am. And being an Adrenaline junkie that I am, I have always loved timepieces that are not only multi-functional but rugged and tough as well. G-Shock by Casio is one of those timepieces brand that I’ve been growing up with and has always been my companion whenever I’m out jungle trekking or rockclimbing.


Speaking of G-Shock, the year 2018 marks 35 years of Casio’s G-Shock being one of the top all time favourite timepiece companion in the world, and Casio Malaysia will be engaging the public with a stream of activities during a product roadshow from 30th July to 5 August 2018 at the Centre Court in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.


The 35h Anniversary celebrations kicked off with a grand launch on 31 July 2018 at Pavilion KL and saw Lego Sam and his crew of B-boys deliver their hair-raising power moves on stage to signify the launch of G-SHOCK’s 35h Anniversary. Meanwhile, the backdrop for this spectacular performance is a specially curated art canvas by prominent graffiti artist Kenji Chai. Kenji’s interpretation of G-Shock’s Absolute Toughness is depicted in a vibrant giant canvas that instantly catches the eye of the visitors. Both Lego Sam and Kenji Chai have masterfully propelled their individual expertise into popular culture and as such shares similarities to G-Shock’s dominant pop-culture icon status.


To commemorate the occasion, the roadshow will chronicle the history and evolution of the classic 5600 series, also known as the Origin Series, which evolved from the first-ever G- Shock DW-5000C. The Origin Series which will be displayed for the entire duration of the roadshow, eaned G-Shock its Absolute Toughness reputation through a combination of four core components – Structure, Function, Design and Material.


Throughout the week-long roadshow, visitors will be challenged to a series of Absolute Toughness fun physical toughness challenges. Some activities visitors can look forward to are the Human Claw Challenge, where visitors are hoisted up over a pool filled with G- Shock balloons and try their hand at trying to claw up balloons which contain tickets to prize redemptions.


And here’s yours truly, attempting to best the G-Shock Absolute Toughness Human Claw Challenge.


I got to admit, the challenge was pretty tough.

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It’s really been awhile since I’ve done some Adrenaline pumping stuff like this, but guess what? I managed to win myself a G-Shock watch for my absolute toughness.


It’s one of their rugged GA-800SC series in white. Needless to say, I was a happy camper.

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Spotted a punching bag at a small corner of the roadshow, and decided to give that a go too while. It was so satisfying, I must say and I immediately feels all my stress being punched away one by one. Off the record, perhaps I can take up boxing to keep myself mentally fit and healthy.

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Another activity that aims to emphasize G-Shock’s toughness is the King of the Hammer where visitors gets to hammer away at an actual G-Shock watch. You’re allowed to bang the watch as hard as you can, no repercussion. Now, isn’t that fun?

Should you visit Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 30th July to 5 August 2018 , drop by and try out some of the challenges.

35 Years of Absolute Toughness is a fantastic milestone for the brand and I am surely looking forward ti seeing G-Shock continuosly push the boundaries of rugged timepiece innovation.

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