Gameview Money Launches GV Esports to Decentralize Gaming Industry Through Blockchain

Two or three decades back, kids or people who play computer or online games are considered bad and merely wasting time. Fast forward to today, gaming has culturally become a kind of sports that’s internationally recognized as much as physical sports. Plenty of companies has come forward to provide a platform for gamers worldwide and one of them is Gameview Money.


Established in 2012, Gameview Money is now recognized as one of the fastest growing platform for gaming in South East Asia. As part of their global expansion, the company has introduced the GV Esports with the aim of decentralising gaming industry through blockchain technology by launching GV Esports.


The amount of 2.2 billion gamers worldwide is not by chance. Esports is culturally developed and it is a cultural revolution. Gameview sees great opportunity in esports and do not want to be missed out from it.
In the recent RMK12 budget announcement and open invitation by Y.B. Syed Saddiq from his Twitter account, inviting all industry players to invest in Malaysia, therefore, GVM decided to address the call. GV Esports is dedicated to invest a sum of RM10 mil in esports from now to 2019 and will consider to invest more if deemed beneficial.


In line with that vision, GVM has appointed Frank Andreas Sliwka, Chief Operating Officer and Board of Director of ESL as the advisor of GVM. GVM strongly believe that with Frank on board as advisor, the company will be able to produce and deliver premium esports be it tournament, event or content.


To kickstart, GV Esports has come forward to sponsor for the ongoing ‘The Kuala Lumpur Major’, the biggest Dota2 tournament event of the year after ESL One Genting and in future GV Esports will allocate more funds to sponsor more Dota2 Majors.

“We will be working closely with eGG Network and international tournament organiser like PGL,”said Dr. Yang Mee Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Gameview Sdn. Bhd.

GV Esports will venture into tournaments and leagues both locally and globally, esports production capabilities and even professional esports team ownership. GV Esports strongly believe in the mobile esports vertical and will support greatly in this too.

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