Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015: Back to Nature Environmental Fashion Show

Apart from jungle trekking, the eco-talk by EcoKnights and team building activities in the vicinity of Awana Longhouse and the resort, we were also given a chance to experience how it is like to get involved in a fashion show from A-Z. Well, a fashion show with a twist, that is.

On the first night we were in Awana Longhouse, we were once again ordered to get into our group by our camp commander and were told that there is a competition going on where there will be a fashion show where we have to showcase outfits that is constructed from recyclable materials on the next day. On top of that, we would need to send out representative to model the clothing and present it in a catwalk during judging session.

It was quite a challenge as none of the kids have skills in designing department and I initially thought the result would be quite funny.

 photo DSC_0630_zpsxaqpa4vf.jpg

Getting together

 photo DSC_0561_zpsjdv1wosx.jpg

Work in progress

 photo DSC_0627_zpsbsplux1u.jpg

Designing and putting the clothing together

 photo DSC_0642_zpsj3i1jnss.jpg

One of the youngest participant modelling.

 photo 20151206_120714_zpsy2c7dpub.jpg

Next day: preparing for presentation

 photo 20151206_121300_zpsaql9shom.jpg
Tutoring the kids for catwalk after doing their make up.

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Right before final presentation, catwalk by our camp commander. But of course, this is not you are supposed to pose on the runway.

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My co-host, Kos Serani happens to be a designer and former model, was also a guest jury for the fashion show was invited on stage to catwalk and show how it was really done.

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Presentation from our team. We managed to produce two outfits for the fashion show. Our models, The Forest Queens.

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We emerged second place. Not too shabby in my opinion. I think my team worked pretty well together and frankly speaking, I discovered that they are a bunch of the most creative individuals I’ve ever met. They are open to each other’s ideas and have the can do attitude. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with these bunch of young people. Definitely a refreshing experience in comparison to one of my recent experience before Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 event where teamwork was such a horror. It takes only one person to shoot ideas down and the team was dragged down. I would never want to work with such individual again but it would honour me if I could work with the kids I met at Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 again.

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