Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015: Lunchtime at Pasar Ikan Bakar

Following our strenuous 1.8km trekking the 130million years old jungle, we headed back to Awana Longhouse where we freshen up a little before heading to lunch at Pasar Ikan Bakar, which was just in the vicinity of Awana Longhouse.

 photo 20151205_132640_zps2zrvxzw6.jpg

Pasar Ikan Bakar

 photo DSC_0239_zpsodecsqvz.jpg

Famished participants lining up for food

 photo 20151205_134331_zpsp10nv3ue.jpg

Assorted dishes to replenish our energy. If there is anything that I learned about my body is that it can be quite a bottomless pit after performing strenuous activities. Jungle trekking for about two hours must have burned loads of my calories as I practically devoured two helpings of the food taken and still feel like I could eat a horse even after I was done.

That said, the food was fabulous and surpassed my expectation. The foodie in me approves and yes, I’m saying that if you ever join an eco retreat program or team building program here in Awana Longhouse, food is the least thing you’d have to worry about.

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