Getting Intimate With Your Pelvic Floor Muscle: Introducing Vibrance Kegel Device


So, okay. Most of you ladies guessed correctly on what device is this. You are right.
It’s Vibrance Kegel device. This device is used in a medically invasive way to help the user to excercise their pelvic floor muscle. It is not a device used for intimate purpose like one of my reader have guessed. 😀 This may sound politically correct, but this thing really looks like a vibrator, sounds like a vibrator, but not a vibrator. 😛

Since there are many who guessed correctly and many have given up the voucher and asked me to give to others who have guessed correctly, I’ll just give the voucher to the first commenter who got it right. The first commenter who got it right is Kopi. So, my dear friend Kopi, please email me your mailing address so that I can send the voucher along with a small token of appreciation from me.

Hmm, now that we have the giveaway part settled, please allow me to tell you how I managed to get my hands on the device.

Last week, I was invited for a media engagement session by Rougue Communications on the behalf of Bioinfinity, the company who produced this device.

I managed to arrive on time and the first thing that I did was head over to the registration counter.

And I was given one of these goodie bags.

Each attendees and the members of the media received a set of Vibrance Kegel Device worth Rm498.
Along with a tube of the device’s lubricant and cleanser.
I was really anxious to listen to the talk…or rather, an informal workshop for bloggers and the members of the media.

When I went into the conference room, there was nobody there yet, save a few, that is. Three invited speakers were already there, and I managed to chit chat with them for awhile before the talks actually started.

Anyway, the room started to fill up with bloggers and participants alike.

And after warming up to each other, we’re divided into groups for activity purposes. My group consists of 5 chirpy, cheeky bloggers. We were told to name our group and we named it ‘The Shakers’ before we proceed to listen to the talk about getting ‘intimate’ with your pelvic floor muscle begins.

The talk by physiotherapist Ms. Suhaila from UKMMC mainly emphasizes pretty much on the importance on how important it is for a woman to take very good care of her pelvic muscle. You see, the daily events in a woman’s life can weaken pelvic floor muscle. Pelvic floor mucle is usually weakened because:

  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • Menapause
  • Chronic cough
  • Genetic disorder

During the talk, us ladies are encouraged to perform the Kegel exercise regularly in order to maintain healthy pelvic floor muscle. Kegel exercise (named after Dr. Arnold Kegel), consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. We are encouraged to perform it regularly to strengthened the pelvic floor muscle because weak pelvic floor muscle can cause:

  • Involuntary loss of urine during physical acitivities, such as coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising.
  • Sudden urge or need to urinate due to bladder spasms or contractions.
  • Difficulties in achieving orgasms during sexual intercourse.

We were told that there’s loads of benefit that you can reap if you perform Kegel exercise regularly and correctly. Among them are:

  • Strengthening of pelvic floor muscle.
  • Increase of blood flow and nerve supply to the pelvic region
  • Restroration of vaginal muscle tone and improve vaginal health
  • Increase thickness to the vaginal wall and lubrication after menapause
  • Prevention and treatment for urinary stres incontinence
  • Helps new mothers to recover from physical stress of childbirth
  • Improve sexual response and function.

It is stressed that having strong pelvic floor muscle is very important for women. It not only ensures a woman can safely carry a baby during pregnancy, but it also ensures smooth and safe vaginal delivery.

Having strong pelvic muscle will also help women in their menapausal age as well as it will help avoid incontinence, organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction. Urinary incontinence is basically involuntary loss of urine. Which means, you are unable to control your urge to pee and you ends up wetting yourself. Studies shown that this happens in every one of three mothers and it terribly impact a woman’s life. Many ended up having low self esteem because of this.

It is also highlighted that with strong pelvic floor muscle, sexual health will also improved. Women with strong pelvic floor muscle will find that sexual intercourse with their partner is much more enjoyable. Women who perform Kegel exercises regularly will find that sexual satisfaction is easier to achieve. This is because pelvic floor muscle are actually the muscle that’s surrounding the vagina opening and contract rhtyhamically during orgasms. In other words, having stronger pelvic floor muscle translate to better control over orgasm and the possibility of multiple orgasms is higher.

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, it gets more and more interesting. After about 1 hour of talk and  on the importance of taking good care of your perlvic floor muscle and the importance of Kegel exercise by both physiotheraphist  and the user of Vibrance Kegel Device, we were ushered to the gym and were shown how to perform Kegel exercise correctly


Bloggers trying to to do the exercise right. 😀 But it’s not an easy feat, I tell you. i was practically struggling to do it right.


One of the many positions of Kegel exercise- sitting position


Umm… I forgot what position is this, but it’s one of the challenging ones apart from trying to squeeze the pelvic floor muscle in the squatting position.


The physiotherapist assisting one of the participants during the Kegel exercise demonstration.

Tsk… by the time we’re done with demonstration session, I got all breathless and got all the wrong muscle stretch! 🙁 I couldn’t get it right, I think, cuz I feel my body aching all over. My hand, my legs, my arms. Oh, my God! I cannot imagine performing Kegel exercide on my own without help.

Thank God there’s the device for me to use instead! The Vibrance Kegel Device is an innovative, state of the art device, and is the most effective device to support Kegel exercise. You see, not all women is able to gauge the correct muscle. Most are like me, ending up exercising other muscle instead of the pelvic muscle.

I was informed that by using the device, I’ll be able to experience gentle vibration biofeedback that produces a positive stimulation to all the corrrect muscle if I were to insert the device correctly into my ahem… body. I was told that through continuos usage of this device, I’ll be able to strengthened my pelvic floor muscle. This device is invasive in nature, though. Those who are not sexually active, still a virgin or pregnant are not encouraged to use this device unless their doctor stated otherwise.

Hmm…whether or not it’s effective… I can’t really say. Not yet, at least. I’ll tell you guys one month later whether or not this device if effective or not-after I use it regularly to help me do Kegel exercise. 😀 I can’t possibly review it without using it now, can I? Let me use it and experiment with it first and I’ll tell you how it works and whether or not it benefits me. I’ll tell you in details. I promise. 😀

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful experience to be able to attend this talk/informal workshop. It’s been a wonderful journey of self education and awareness. I had so much fun. Do stay tune for my testimonial on the Vibrance Kegel Device. 😀


Cleffairy: *sigh* And as an answer to my husband’s curious question: No, Sweetheart, it’s not a vibrator. And no… the company doesn’t produce sex toys. You got to buy them somewhere else, I’m afraid. LOL!


  1. yanmie says:

    Hi Eli,

    Wah dah up entry, heheee akak belum sempat lagi nak try alat tu coz baru balik dari bercuti, but will try this week hopefully hahahha, bukan apa risau kalau time guna tu anak/suami dengar bunyi beeep heheee, kena cari time yang sesuai 😀

  2. bigfatmama says:

    So… does it work? Did you try to use the device yet? I heard regular dildo would do better than this device if you want to perform kegel… it’s more snug… isn’t this a bit too small?

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