Giveaway: Guess correctly and win RM100 voucher.

I just got this yesterday.


Can you guess what this thing is? No idea what it is? How about now?


Still can’t guess? Hmm…how about this pic? Have any idea what this thing is?


Now…can you guess? Okay…okay…maybe I am not playing fair. Here’s some clue:

1. It’s a device to stimulate certain organ in a woman’s body.
2. It vibrates.
3. It’s made from hypoallergenic rubber.
4. It beeps whenever it’s switched on.
5. It needs to be cleansed and lube up before it can be used.

Now, can you guess? Guess correctly in the comment section below and the first correct guess from the commenter will receive this:


An Rm100 voucher from the sponsor, Bioinfinity. The answer will be published in my next blog update. 😀

Cleffairy: Happy guessing and have a blessed Easter to those who are celebrating.


  1. donna says: gwangju dating

    I KNOWWW.. quickly come cos got rm 100. =.=

    it is vibrance kegel device!!
    but is ok.. u can let others have the voucher, coz the voucher would be so wasted if it is given to me so happy saturdayy

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