Goreng Pisang/Fried Bananas

Kids these days are terribly deprived of the simple joy of devouring not so healthy snacks. You almost never catch modern parents buying fried stuff sold on the street for their kids after school.

I could still remember my childhood days. Back then, my mum would buy my sister and I some goreng pisang (fried bananas) sold on the street for us to enjoy during tea time. I don’t see much parents doing that these days. Most have become health conscious freak and deep fried stuff is a no-no. You’d probably see these parents baking bananas in their sophisticated oven for their kids to eat. Either that, or these overly health conscious parents would have the kids munch on carrot sticks. Tsk. Poor kids.

I may control my boy’s sugar intake cuz he’s an ADHD child and sugar makes him go hyper, but I don’t really deprive him from taking oily food. Snacks like goreng pisang or fried stuff sold by the street is not a banned item in my household. They are in fact, a normal recurrence in the kitchen’s menu.

Anyway, I bought some bananas the other day because it’s rather cheap. I got a bunch of it for just Rm2.50. It was already ripened when I bought it and I thought that it would taste much better and less mushy if I fry it up. And so…instead of eating it just like that…I decided to fry it.

This is what I do:


I poured about two cups of flour into a bowl and mix it with some water and a pinch of salt to make the goreng pisang batter. And when the batter is ready, I added some sliced bananas into it and coat the bananas with the batter evenly before deep frying it in hot oil for about 5 minutes.

imageAnd the picture above is the end result. LOL. It may not look very good cuz the bananas were already ripened and the caramel was oozing out of the bananas when it’s fried, but I can assure you that these went *POOF* within minutes. 😀

There you go, folks. Fried bananas. Very simple to make and the recipe is idiot proof.

Cleffairy: If I can fry it, you can too. So… loosen up abit and let your kids enjoy some deep fried stuff once in a while.


  1. Cleffairy says:

    LOL… very, very true. Guess the kids these days are too protected that they are not allowed to do this, not allowed to do that, and in the end, the body does not develop strong immune system to combat sickness. Kids back then can play in the rain, roll in the mud and would not get sick. Kids these days, cannot play in the rain, abit dirt oredi the parents freak out…tak pernah kena kotor…so badan oso lembik lembik.

    Thank God my anak hardly get sick…the last round flu, cough and fever oso because kena jangkit from me and the bapak. =.= Kesian the boy that time, buta buta kena jangkit… but what to do… keep stick to us… itu pasal kena!

  2. Cynthia says:

    oh.. my Princess loves all these fried stuff, and yes, she is not deprive from it either… She sees any stall selling, she will say she want ‘goreng pisang’ in precise.. LOL! Coz if she can’t pronounce it nice and clear, she won’t get it. LOL!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Whahahaha… every once in a while kasi her makan all these fried stuff is ok la…too much oso not good, will sore throat…but sore throat is a good excuse to have ice cream, no? LOL!

  3. AngeLBeaR says:

    ah…I miss the homemade goreng pisang…I prefer it more because the bananas are slightly over ripe and then the natural sugar oozing out from the bananas once it’s done…heavenly!!!! the one at the stalls sometimes using unripe bananas…not nice =.=

    and yes, I love eating my goreng pisang with some honey, maple syrup, susu pekat manis or sometimes a nice dollop of sambal will do…depends on mood lah…otherwise, eat it just like that also good enough! =p

    I remember my late grandma used to goreng for us when we’re kids…in fact almost everything is ‘goreng-able’…ubi kayu, ubi manis, sukun….cempedak….*sigh* those were the days.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I dun like buying goreng pisang, I would prefer to fry my own cuz like you said, they usually use those not so ripe ones, and it’s not as nice as those very ripe bananas. U see mine… the natural sugar have been caramelized and oozing out oso… wakakaka… very sedap. Goes very well with tea/coffee. LOL! Usually I take them just like that, tarak tambah brown sugar or honey, cuz the ripe bananas memang sweet enuf. LOL.

      Yea… when I was a child too, my mum would goreng anything she thinks can goreng too, and among them all, I love goreng pisang and cempedak the most! *drool* Ahhh… those are the good old days… these days, u makan fried stuff like this, mulalah people will say not healthy lah, cholesterol lah… aiyo, makan these abit wun die wan la… my grandparents in fact survived on those goreng goreng stuff… (orang kampung ma, simply goreng whatever they can find in the garden)

  4. claire says:

    Gosh.. almost everyday my office will have someone buying goreng pisang back… so much so that i requested them to buy goreng ubi instead.. sweet potatoes… how nice if they are oil-less hor?

  5. Yoong says:

    Helloooo!!! It’s Yoong – I have now started following your blog. We will be stuck in Perth this Xmas/New Year (we usually go away during this time of the year) so I will have lots of reading (your blog, ie.) to do. So far, what I have read, I’d say you write pretty interesting articles.

    Is the natural sweetness in the bananas OK for your son?

    Friend me on FB?

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hi, hi…. thanks for dropping by to my blog. =D Nothing much compared to that evil man. (sees around… okay, he’s not here, can mengumpat. LOLOLOL!)

      Hmm… natural sweetness seems to be okay for the boy… so far din see him turn hyper after eating fruits and whatnot, so I guess ok gua? LOL!

      I’ve send request to be your friend on fb… kakaka… do approve it when you’re free. =D

  6. Bananazஇ says:

    Ouch ouch ouch! haha. Got a friend selling goreng pisang in Penang and shared his secret with me how to make them crispy and to deep fry them twice. Once in a while if we eat them should be OK when its a NO-No at all then sudah lebih. tQ for the tips

    • Cleffairy says:

      Eh? Deep fry it twice it will become crispier? I dunno that, but mine turned out crispy enough after frying just about 5 mins-this is because the bananas are very ripe oredi. Another way to make it crispier is that add a some cornflour into the batter, and it will be crispier after frying. But I din use any cornflour this round cuz I was out of it.

  7. Bananazஇ says:

    Ouch ouch ouch! haha. Got a friend selling goreng pisang in Penang and shared his secret with me how to make them crispy and to deep fry them twice. Once in a while if we eat them should be OK when its a NO-No at all then sudah lebih. tQ for the tips

  8. Gratitude says:

    goreng pisang, a simple dish but a favourite of many! I malas to goreng, since the makcik stall near my home makes nice ones (ripe and sweet!) and sells them for only RM1 for 6 pieces.

    Have you tried Thai ones. I think they make better goreng pisang coz they use honey and sprinkles of sesame seeds. YUMZ! ^^

    • Cleffairy says:

      Thai ones? I tried before, but duzzin really tickle me fancy…too sweet to me…

      I oso will put some sesame seeds if I had any at home, but this round, tarak put, cuz dun have. LOL!

  9. Cheeyee says:

    Oh I miss eating this! Come to think of it, I think I’ve only bought once or twice for the kids. Not that they are not allowed to eat, just we seldom pass by places with stalls selling fried banana. Too bad I can’t do deep fried at home.

      • Cheeyee says:

        Yalor. Anyway I think better make this myself at home than buy from outside. Lots of them using those recycle oil and put the plastic into the hot oil to make it crispy. Tsk tsk tsk……

        • Cleffairy says:

          I almost never buy fried things outside… everytime oso fry myself cuz I gila fry things. LOL…so mine punya very safe to eat… oil everytime oso use one time only and never put nonsense inside the food… 😀

  10. Jeremin says:

    i love it. Singapore sell darn ex. One pc can sell up to a dollar here. Almost = RM 2.40.

    Just need to check your recipe. Two cup flour with how many water? Will try when i got ripe bananas. My mum love to buy it but unable to finish before they are too ripe to be eaten.

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