[email protected] Hotel Petaling Jaya Re-Opens with A Fresh New Look

I love food, yes, but if there’s one thing about me is that I’m really picky about them. I don’t always repeat my visit to restaurants or cafes unless they serve really delicious food. Among those that could satiate my palate is the UTARA. Formerly known as Utara Coffee House, they housed some seriously talented culinary maestros who dishes out tantalizing cuisines one after another.

After 22 years of successful operations as Utara Coffee House, the familiar restaurant in Petaling Jaya has recently undergone a major makeover that would see the restaurant being rebranded as just ‘UTARA’.


Its fresh new look were revealed  during it’s grand re-opening party on Monday, 5 th August 2019, dishing out signature dishes served in buffet style throughout the evening.


General Manager, Hoon Tai Chee said “We understand that the hospitality industry is an exciting and highly competitive business and growth is rapid. It is vital that we maintain a competitive edge. To
keep you interested, and to constantly offer new experiences, a complete massive re-do of Utara was
inevitable. REFRESHED AND RENEWED, today, we are pleased to introduce an ICON REBORN”


With walls knocked down to open up and increase the space, the new Utara enjoys rays of natural sunlight coming in from its full-height windows, making it look wider and spacious thus offering a more comfortable dining environment. The stylish new interior design of Utara features concrete and wood as the consistent color and material. Rose gold/brass and marble counters were added as highlights to brighten up the cool and warm colors. The openness of Utara now facilitates more visibility, mobility and communication between staff and diners. The renovation project led by Elizabeth Yap of interior design firm StudioN3m boasts two new additions to the restaurant, an open kitchen at the back of the restaurant and an open café-bar at the front. With
the open kitchen, diners become spectators as they can see their food being prepared thus allowing for
a greater sense of occasion while the open café-bar was built to serve between the restaurant and the lobby lounge. As such, service staff are able to communicate with and attend to guests in 2 different areas with ease, without compromising on service standards.


To say that I’m impressed with the new interior is an understatement. The fresh new look is indeed pleasant to the eye.


Utara is still serving their signature local cuisine such as the Nasi Lemak Utara, Roti Durian, Kari Kepala Ikan, Daging Masak Assam Pedas, Siput Sedut Masak Cili Padi and Ketam Masak Berlada. Apart from that, they have also added Vegan dishes to satisfy all Vegan diners. Definitely a great option for those who are eating clean.


Here’s yours truly and her family indulging in sumptuous food during Utara’s re-opening a couple of days ago.

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One for the album with my all time favourite chef; Executive Chef Chew.

While Utara may have undergone a complete makeover and look nothing like what it previously looned like, I’m pleased to say that the restaurant still feels like home, dishing out the same old homey flavour that pleases the palate and calms the tummy.

The restaurant is opened daily from 6.30am to 12am.  For bookings and rezervation, please call 603-7954 6888  or shoot an email to:  f&[email protected]

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