Great Deals and Community Giveaway Project at WeBuy

I’m bored. Really bored. I was feeling under the weather. My class has started for this year and I’ve been busy with my yearly Scriptfrenzy activity that I don’t go out much these days.

I was stuck at home and I was craving for some authentic Nyonya food when I stumbled upon this site, WeBuy.

WeBuy is a site that offers great deals and discount vouchers for various restaurants, merchandises and goodies. You can purchase the discount vouchers online, and when you’ve purchased the vouchers, it will be emailed to you and you can use it whenever you pleased when the Buy period was over.

One of their current offer that caught my interest is this:

RM15 for 1 out of 8 chicken dishes at Tuan Ee. This Buy comes with a plate of fragrant rice as well as 1 glass of cooling cincau drink.

Tuan Ee is well famed for their authentic nyonya dishes, and they’re not only well noted for their cooling drinks on a hot day…

Or just their superb chicken that beats my own ‘ayam ponteh’ or ‘ayam buah keluak’ anytime of the day…

But they’re also well noted for their wonderful dining ambiance that will definitely send you back in time where fast food restaurants bears no meaning at all.

The entrance to Tuan Ee’s place…

Warm, cozy and welcoming exterior that I’m sure anyone with fine taste will be able to appreciate.

Apart from this particular Buy that will enable you to enjoy a tantalizing meal at Tuan Ee at 51% off the original price, there’s also this Buy that will enable you to enjoy authentic top notch Chinese delicacies at a reasonable price while it cost a bomb elsewhere.

All you need to do for this buy is spend RM RM40 for the voucher, and you’ll get RM80 Cash Voucher + RM20 Cash Voucher for the next visit at Cubes Chinese Cuisine/ Wine Bar. Let me see…if I got my maths right, that means if you buy this voucher from WeBuy and use it, you’ll be saving up to 60% with this Buy, isn’t that right?

Wanna know what’s in store at Cubes? Well, it’s these yummylicious dishes:

Roasted Peking duck (RM48 per bird)

Egg rolls. These eggs rolls comes with the Cubes signature roasted Peking duck.

There’s also stir fried veggies with almond slices for veggy lovers ( this dish is Rm 15 per plate)

And if you don’t fancy ducks, you can always order roasted chicken for Rm18 per plate.

Fancy some wine as you dine?

No problem, the Cube have it too.

Now, what I’ve discovered about WeBuy is that they not only offer their users various vouchers that will make the wallet and the tummy happy, but they also give away alot of expensive gadget and goodies.

One of the Buy… or rather giveaway that I missed was the Gucci bag…

And iPad. *groan* if only I found out about WeBuy earlier. I could have stand a chance in getting myself one of these stuff.

I actually missed out a lot of their irresistible Buy. In case you’re wondering what you’ve missed before stumbling upon this blog entry, you can go here:

What You’ve Missed

Oh well…it’s just not my luck, I guess, but my sources are telling me that there’s more coming up next in WeBuy. So, I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and in the meantime, I’ve LIKE WeBuy Facebook page so that I won’t be missing anymore nice Buy/ deals/ giveaways. You might want to click that and Like their Facebook page too. Wouldn’t want to miss their upcoming goodies now, would you?

Anyway, apart from irresistible vouchers, goodies, they also have this RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project. Now, you ask me, what the heck is that?

This is what’s it’s about:

RM203,000 is to be given away to all participating WeBUYers within 120 hours. To win this, simply click BUY. It doesn’t cost you a thing and once the deal reaches 500 BUYs, the deal will be activated and everyone gets RM3. and if the deal hits the next tier of 1500, the prize will be upgraded to RM5 for everyone. The more the BUYers the higher the prize money. Now that they have hit the first tier, all of us get to benefit on the RM 3 in our WeBUY account to be used on your next purchase on WeBUY. Great news!

Whoa… I think I’ll just stop here and head over there now before I miss this deal.

Cleffairy: In case you’re interested to dine in Tuan Ee’s or the Cubes, here’s the address:

Ah Tuan Ee’s Place

74, Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor

GPS: 3.118673, 101.625810
Tel: 03-7957 2915

Cubes Chinese Cuisine/ Wine Bar

18-1, Block L1-1,
Palm Square Jaya One,
No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-7960 3788


    • Cleffairy says:

      Eh… no la… no free food… lol… I’m not femes or a food blogger… who la… wanna feed me for free? Well… got la..Kat and the gang will feed me la… mebbe see my face too kesian, that’s why feed me. LOL!

  1. Annie Q says:

    I just saw this today!! I miss the Gucci bag too. *sob sob sob*

    Ah Tuen Ee, been there twice, the food quite nice.

    Now got so many this type of “coupon” i have save a few, but never bought it. hahahhaha

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