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Huge fan of coffee? Starbucks? Well, I’m a huge fan of all those ice blended frappe. They’re my vice. My favourite got to be those mocha varieties, although I always prefer decaf as caffeine gives me terrible palpitations. My favourite hangout to get all these ice blended drinks fix is of course, Starbucks. Some may say it’s overrated, but it’s still my favourite place to hangout at. Things are rather busy for me these days and it’s been awhile since I chillax at Starbucks. It was first day of Ramadan, and hubby was at home, and I was desperately craving for some ice blended. And so,  before I turn into some whiny, sulky monster, we head over to our regular Starbucks lurk in Midvalley and got ourselves some ice-blend.

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We were lucky that night as I’m a Starbucks Malaysia Apps user and they are having this great deal where you can buy 1 Dark Caramel Vaeriety Drink and get another one for free, so we just paid Rm18 for two grande sized drinks. Yippie, that’s a great deal. Usually we had to spend more than just Rm18 to get drinks for two!

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The Starbucks Malaysia Apps  is exclusive for smartphone users and can be downloaded for free at Apps Store or Playstore.

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Menu checking made easy with this apps


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And there’s this Starbucks locator too. You may use this to locate your nearest Starbucks and check their operating hours too. Some Starbucks store close earlier than others, mind you, especially those Starbucks store that’s located inside a shopping mall. 🙁


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Right now they are having this promo where you can buy one  Dark Caramel Beverages and get another one for FREE. Promo period is from 26th June 2014 to 13th July2014. So, what are you waiting for? if you are a Starbucks addict, you might want to hop over to Starbucks right now!

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