Haircare Made Easy with Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask

I’m an editor and writer by profession. Sounds boring? Well, perhaps to some it sounds pretty much mundane and lack excitements.


You probably imagined me being stuck in the newsroom or something, but trust me, my job as an editor goes beyond that and it’s pretty hectic and exciting on daily basis. I get to do things that I’m passionate about and everything in my life is on the fast lane. The only downside of my job is that it doesn’t really allow me all the time in the world to groom myself properly. Looking like something the cat dragged in is a no no, as despite of what most people think; where editors just stay in the newsroom and just sit 9-5, I actually need to meet people and interact with them, especially VIPs. I need to attend press conferences and important summits, conduct interviews and make rapport with people from all walks of life and therefore, I need to look pleasant and presentable at all times. Time is always envious of me and I always find myself rushing from one place to another with limited timeframe to groom myself for a few different occasions or events in a day.


Yours truly at the recent Google Cloud Summit Kuala Lumpur 2017. Unlike most ladies who can afford spend up to 1 hour to make themselves look presentable, I can only allocate a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes to put on makeup and style my hair like the picture above.


A closeup at my daily look.


This look is achieved within 10 to 15 minutes. Impossible, you say? Well, it is possible if you know the hacks to it, and here’s sharing with you my secret to styling my hair under 5 minutes Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask.


Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask.


This nourishing spray mask is an innovative treatment that combines the convenience and speed of a spray with the texture of a mask. The versatility of application gives multiple results. And the best part, this multi-treatment hair spray is ideal for all hair types.

Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask have 15 different benefits in a just one single bottle;

1. Repairs damaged hair
2. Prevents split ends
3. Nourishes the hair
4. Moisturises dry hair
5. Protects the hair from UV rays
6. Enhances hair volume
7. Conditions the hair without weighing it down
8. Detangles the hair and facilitates combing
9. Gives silkiness and softness
10. Smoothens the cuticle
11. Eliminates frizz
12. Protects the hair from heat
13. Facilitates the use of iron and straightener
14. Keeps the set in longer
15. Leaves the hair shining and healthy

Check out my video on how to use the Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask. It’s easy, really. If your hair is damp, spray it on your towel-dried hair from and comb to distribute it thoroughly without rinsing it and proceed with the styling. And if your hair is dry, just use the product to moisturize, freshen up the set and protect the hair. All you need to do is just spray it into your palms, and distribute along the hair, then reset the hair as desired.

This product contains moringa extract and therefore it is is rich in oils and proteins and has strengthening, conditioning and protective properties.
Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask also contains silk proteins and panthenol with hydrating, filming and conditioning properties. The creamy texture penetrates into the hair fibers, maintaining it flexible and full-bodied. Apart from that, Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask also doubles as solar filter and protects the hair from the damaging UV rays. Selective Professional Multi Treatment Spray Mask is usually available at salons and I got mine from e3 Salon Masjid Jamek and came highly recommended by my stylist, Sam Poon.

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