Naturally Beautiful with Horien Eye Secret

I wasn’t always vain. In fact, I did not really bother to dress up or even groom myself before I turned 30. Plenty of things happened a couple of years ago just before I hit the big 3 which was quite a good slap on my face for me and I come to realize that it’s not just about presenting yourselves or making a good impression to others, it’s also about liking what you see in the mirror. I did not like what I saw in the mirror back then. I was always tired and frazzled looking. I looked as if I’ve aged way beyond my years, had no confidence whatsoever in myself and was terribly camera shy to the point that I hid away whenever someone wants to take a picture of me.

The world is indeed a very cruel place and is only kinder to those who are visually pleasing and appealing. I know this sounds superficial but not liking how I was treated just because I look somewhat ugly, I decided to change, both in attitude and how I groom myself. I started making effort to dress up and groom myself to look presentable, at least, when I’m in public. And guess what? It changes my life for the better and I learned that I could not only like what I see in the mirror, but love what I see as well.

There are a few things I won’t go without these days; and among them are these; basic makeup items like lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow. And of course, contact lenses. Contact lenses is something I will not go without daily. I’m a contact lenses wearer not just because I am terribly vain but because it is an absolute necessity as my eyesight is really bad and I could only see blurs of my surrounding without my spectacles. I don’t like wearing spectacles. It makes me look ugly and nerdy. Anyway, here’s my latest obsession; coloured contact lenses from Horien Eye Secret.This brand originates from Taiwan and right now it’s a rage in Malaysia.

Horien Eye Secret 3 months Sweetheart 2 tone series. The packaging is rather attractive and cute and I noticed that all their contact lenses’ colours are named after famous cities in the world.The 38% 3 Months Disposable Color Contact Lens is a 3 months disposable color contact lense with 38% of water content. The contact lenses used the Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) color technology which provides smooth surface, thinner lenses, sharper vision and the fact that the cornea is protected from the color additives is definitely a plus.The diameter of the lense is 14.2mm while the BC is 8.7mm. There are 2 types of lenses, which are the 2-tone Sweetheart series and the 3-tone Fantasy series. The one that I’m using is from the 2-tone Sweetheart series contact lenses. There are 4 colours in the Sweetheart series which are Vancouver Pink (2-Pink), Berlin Gold (2-Gold), Kiev Blue (2-Blue) and Madrid Grey (2-Grey), but mine is the Vancouver Pink (2-Pink) and Berlin Gold (2-Gold)

Berlin Gold (2-Gold)

Closer look at Berlin Gold (2-Gold)

Me, wearing Berlin Gold (2-Gold)

What do you think? This is my summer look with Berlin Gold (2-Gold)

Vancouver Pink (2-Pink)

A closer look at Vancouver Pink (2-Pink)

Me, wearing Vancouver Pink (2-Pink)

Sweet, anime-like character look achieved while wearing Vancouver Pink (2-Pink)

My eyes, with and without contact lenses. Can you see the differences?

These contact lenses made a huge difference in how I look, I have to say. I don’t usually go for warm colours like these as I go for more cooler and striking colours like grey, green or blue as they make me stand out in pictures. But I think this change is pretty good?


Prior to trying these lenses I didn’t think I will like the natural, soft colours like this but a change like this is pretty good as these coloured contact lenses with earthy colour tones highlighted my softer feminine look and made me look sweetly alluring effortlessly. Other plus point about these contact lenses that is easy to put on and is great to wear for long hours too. I’ve worn these for more than 12 hours and my eyes does not feel irritated whatsoever, unlike other brands that I’ve tried. The best part? Well these does not just make me look pretty but it gives me perfect vision as well. I’m definitely going to use Horien Eye Secret contact lenses for a very long time and maybe I’ll grab some from Fantasy series or try out the cooler colour tones from the Sweetheart series next time.

For more information on these contact lenses please refer to the information below:


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