Have an Ox-picious Chinese New Year with Cookies Vibe

Things changed. Chinese New Year is not going to be the same this year. Not only because my father-in-law has recently passed on and our family reunion will lack one important family member for the first time but because of Covid19 too. Instead of gathering and merrymaking with my family members like I used to in the yesteryears, I think this year’s reunion gathering will be restricted to merely zoom meeting or Google meet, considering how the interstate travel ban is still in place. I’m not very sure what to feel about that, honestly. Happy? Sad? I don’t know. Maybe abit of both. Happy, because my family members will be safe from Covid19 threats at home. Sad, because of…so many things that words cannot express. Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t dwell on things that I cannot change now, should I?

Anyway, Chinese New Year 2021 is less than a month away and usually, I would have gotten everything ready for the celebration by now; a visit to my hairstylist, new clothes, Chinese New Year’s snacks, you name it, but since this year my family and I are not really celebrating because we’re still in mourning period, I still try to keep the celebratory mood up.

I can’t visit the salon or splurge on pretty red dresses as the non essentials shops are closed due to the government’s order, but I sure can buy cookies and snacks online. So I’ve gotten these for Chinese New Year cookies from Cookies Vibes. These are among their top premium cookies and recommended favourites apart from their premium pineapple tart and premium extra moist fruit cake.

I’m not exactly a fan of sweet stuff. I’m more into the savoury and spicy kinda girl when it comes to tidbits and snacks, as sweet things, especially cookies and cakes taste cloying and they make me nauseous, but I somewhat changed my mind after having a taste of these cookies from Cookies Vibes. These are rich in taste but not cloying on the palate.

Cookies and snacks from Cookies Vibes. From left: Cashews Teacakes, Mini Popia, Black Pistachio and Hazelnut Latte.

Cookies Vibes focuses on producing high quality cookies for you to indulge on and therefore, they did not skimp on the ingredients. Cookies Vibes cookies are made from 100% Anchor pure butter, a renowned butter brand imported from New Zealand alongside other high protein premium nuts such as almonds, cashews and hazelnut. The cookies produced by Cookies Vibes are 100% Muslim Product and is Halal.

Hazelnut Latte- made from hazelnuts, almonds, cornflakes, with hints of Nescafé and Butterscotch chocolates. This one is my number one favourite among the four. It’s surprising because I’m not a fan of Nescafé. The Hazelnut Latte is taste sweetly nutty and chocolaty. It melts like a dream in my mouth and I regret to report that the whole container of it didn’t survive til Chinese New Year.

Cashews Teacakes-made from cashews, almonds, cornflakes and chocolate. The Cashews Teacakes is milky and crunchy. Those who loves cashews will be able to appreciate this cookies, since they’re generously topped with cashews.

Black Pistachio- made from pistachios, cocoa and white chocolate. If you don’t like overly sweet and sugary cookies, then you will be able to appreciate this Black Pistachio. The cookies are quite bitter with only slight hint of sweetness that comes from the white chocolate drizzle.

Mini Popia Udang, crispy mini popiah stuffed generously with spicy Serunding Udang exclusively prepared by Master Serunding from Kg. Laut, Kelantan. This is highly addictive. I don’t really recommend you to snack on these while binge watching dramas on Netflix, cuz you’ll end up finishing it off in one sitting.

Cookies Vibe provides a variety of options for Chinese New Year and Raya. There are over 35 types of cookies & snacks for you to choose from.

Wanna order some for Chinese New Year or Raya? Orders can be made HERE or through your nearest Vibers Family agents from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Apart from selling the cookies and snacks individually, they also have Cookiies Subscription packages at as low as RM55 per month for 6 types of cookies. Use the code: ELLIE for 5% discount during checkout. Deliveries are made via post or Mr.Speedy in Klang Valley.

Check out the info below:

Hotline: 011 657 00101

Address: Cookies Vibe , U1-19, FLEXIS, ONE SOUTH, SERI KEMBANGAN, 43300 SELANGOR

INSTAGRAM : www.instagram.com/cookiesvibe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cookiesvibe

Twitter / Tik Tok: @cookiesvibe

website: www.cookiesvibe.com

Email: [email protected]

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