He ‘bullied’ me…

*SIGHHHH* My big sister Mamakucing and I went to BX for book hunting again the other day, and as usual, I ended up babysitting my boy and Smallkucing as Mamakucing went on her book hunting rampage once again. I was tricked by Smallkucing when I babysat him, and getting wary of his trickeries and cunningness, I sit there and ponder.

The boy is such a connected tot. Why is that so? Maybe it’s because of all the milk that he have been drinking? As I was wondering out loud, his mummy, Mamakucing told me that she fed her boy milk that contains Ganglioside.

Huh, Ganglioside? What is that? I was blurred. I did not know what Ganglioside is.You see, when it comes to parenting and stuff, I am not an A-student.

I’m dense and I’m learning as I go. It’s all trial and terror with my own son. Yeah. I’m not exactly mother of the year material. I don’t know what Ganglioside is. All I know is that DHA, folic acid and whatnot helps in making the kids grow healthier and smarter, but I did not know Ganglioside plays an important role in children’s mental and physical development.

Mamakucing told me that Ganglioside is something that helps the brain cells to connect faster to encourage learning and thinking out of the box. You see…human are born with millions of brain cells that’s waiting to be connected when they’re born. And learning only happens when those brain cells are connected.

Ganglioside, according to Mamakucing, helps to connect brain cells faster and therefore, with Ganglioside… the kids learn faster, and also will be able to apply whatever knowledge that they have learn in their daily lives. She also tells me that Ganglioside also helps in strengthening the immune system and digestive system.

In simpler words, Ganglioside helps to nurture children to be more connected and helps in building the brain cells connections. Naturally, breast milk contains lotsa Gangliosides, but there’s quite a a few milk product in the market that contains Ganglioside as well.

Mamakucing also told me that doctors will encourage mothers who are expecting to take milk that contains Ganglioside in order to give the foetus an early headstart in getting it’s brain cells to be connected. She said she took such milk when she was pregnant too!

Gosh… so this is why her little boy is so smart and cheeky even at such a tender age? The boy took milk that contains Ganglioside, and that is why he is able to think out of the box and even play tricks on me. He knows how to get me to buy him things that he wanted. The boy even managed to tricked me into buying him McD’s Happy Meal and coerce me into changing his Milo into a Ribena. (FYI, his mum never allows him to drink Ribena, it’s always Milo when they patronize McD).

Worst of it all… I even had to buy him ice cream cuz the little boy sweet talked me into it. If I recalled it correctly, he said that McD vanilla ice cream is made from milk. And milk contains calcium… and because calcium is good for his bones and teeth, I must buy it for him.

Gosh… he’s barely 2 years old and yet he’s one tough kiddo to negotiate with. He can sweet talk me into almost everything!Tsk tsk tsk… what a shame. Even a 2 year old can outsmart me!

Cleffairy: Anyway, is your kids connected enough to outsmart you the way Smallkucing did to me? Are you by any chance feeding your kids with Gangliosides to encourage faster learning? Feel free to share your experience here with me.


    • Cleffairy says:

      I wish!!! *sigh* If this is a competition, I would probably share the infos with all over here… I’m not the kind who feels threatened to share good stuff with others…unfortunately… it is not… my lips are sealed and my hands are tied… all I can say is readers are smart and not everyone are ignorant. TSK TSK TSK!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well, indeed…being smart is one thing, and getting them to be well-rounded, kind and with manners is another thing altogether.:D There is no use of being smart when your child lacked manners, don’t you tink? Smallkucing is both smart and well mannered…thank God. It’s a rare quality in children these days!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ganglioside…some sort of gluco-molecular that’s derived from the word ganglion and related to the functionality of impulse and neurons in the brain. Well, obviously anyone from pure science stream who took up biology would know what it is…I was in science stream…was even the best biology student…guessed the ones with ‘ganglion’, ‘neurons’ and ‘impulse’ somehow slipped my mind and my teachers did not give me an appropriate B for me on that chapter…*roll eyes*

      ps: My English teacher would have buried herself if she saw how repetitive my article is…tsk tsk tsk!

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