A Day With Selangor Javanese Community at Banghuris Homestay: Kampung Style Breakfast

I visited Banghuris Homestay with Sahabat Media/Santai Travel in 2013 for the launching of Voluntourism Program in Bagan Lalang, Sepang. It was a very memorable experience where we were treated to first class kampung hospitality. You can read all about my adventure in Banghuris Homestay HERE.

And so, when I was invited again for a revisit by Tourism Malaysia Selangor this year to Banghuris Homestay for their ‘A Day With Selangor Javanese Community at Banghuris Homestay in Conjunction of Nasi Ambeng Festival‘organized by JKKN, I couldn’t resist. I knew I had to say yes. Deep inside, I knew without a doubt that it will once again be a fantastic experience although the program is completely different from my previous visit.

Banghuris Homestay won The Best Homestay Award in 2014 by Tourism Malaysia and is an abbreviation of three kampung names; Kampung Bukit Bangkong, Kampung Hulu Chuchoh and Kampung HuluTeris. Basically it is three villages forming a homestay with 80 participating houses providing homestay service. It is about 35km from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and 97km from Kuala Lumpur. The nearest tourism attraction to Banghuris Homestay is Sepang Gold Coast, which is about 15km away. Definitely a much more laid back choice of accommodation instead of the commercializes and expensive chalet should you want to spend some time in Sepang Gold Coast.

 photo IMG_9487_zps78zjj9zl.jpg

Our journey began as early as 7.30am from Shah Alam and here’s part of the the media entourage. 😉 Us ladies posing with the kain batik provided by our host. How’s that for a kampung girl image? 😉 Can you spot me in there?;

 photo IMG_9398_zpsr1x5divp.jpg

Upon arrival, we were taken to a kampung house for breakfast by our host.

 photo IMG_9412_zpszyjnrjwn.jpg

Tuan Haji Wasir Wagiman, Manager of Banghuris Homestay, fondly known as ‘Wak’, giving his welcoming speech and introducing us abit about Javanese culture and their food.

 photo IMG_9422_zps2ns3ahmw.jpg

The breakfast served is catered to give you a complete kampung experience where the breakfast spread was carefully laid on the floor and you are required to sit and enjoy your meal communal dining style. 🙂

 photo IMG_9416_zpsymi5pwjb.jpg

Here’s the traditional dishes served as our breakfast.


The common Nasi Lemak and Sambal Tumis. Being a fan of all things savoury, I enjoyed this dish very much and had three plates of it. The coconut rice was rich and flavourful while the sambal was surprisingly more on the sweet note. I would go for the fourth plate, but I was feeling rather shy to add anymore onto my plate. 😛


Lemet Singkong Gula Merah is a traditional Javanese dessert made from steamed rice flour, brown sugar and ripened cassavas as the filling. Wrapped up in banana leaves, the texture is very chewy and tasted very sweet. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a big fan of sweet stuff so I find this dessert a bit overwhelming on the palate. However, I’m happy to report that everyone else seems to enjoy it a lot.

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Tumtuman. Similar to the Lemet Singkong Gula Merah this coned shaped dessert is also made from steamed rice flour, but instead of cassavas, it was made with sweet, ripe bananas. Wrapped in banana leaves, this moderately sweet kuih is irresistible and provides instant comfort to a growling tummy.

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Lempeng Tepung is actually the humble flour pancake. It’s bland to be eaten on it’s own but to die for when taken with savoury or sweet dips.

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Taucu Ikan Bilis. I foolishly thought this was supposed to be paired with Nasi Lemak so I had these as my Nasi Lemak gravy along with the sweet sambal, only to be told that it was actually meant to be the accompanying dip for the Lempeng Tepung. Silly me. But the taste was good, even when I paired it wrongly. 😛

I enjoyed the kampung style breakfast very much, and after chit chatting with our friendly host who insists on giving us all the food that we couldn’t finish, it’s time for a little trip around Banghuris Homestay. Since the Nasi Ambeng Festival 2015 is going on, there are plenty of things for us to see and to experience, and so, off we go to our next stop.

Right now Banghuris Homestay is offering RM250 (per pax) for a 3days 2 night package that is inclusive of meals and planned activities. Great for kids during school holidays and for those who wants to experience a kampung life.

Info on Banghuris Homestay, should you interested in staying there:

Banghuris Homestay
Jalan Tailong
Kg. Hulu Chuchoh
43950 SG.Pelek
Sepang Selangor

Phone: 03-31421019

Email: [email protected]

Next up: A Day with Javanese Community in Banghuris Homestay, The Air of Festival.

So what did we do next? There are plenty of interesting things we did, so for now, stay tune for the next post.


  1. Danial says:

    This is really a great posting. Its funny when u wrongly took the tauchu ikan bilis to joy with nasi lemak, but it is fine. Life is about be crazy.

    Keep on posting interesting stuffs okay.


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