How to Take Instagram Worthy Pictures While Traveling

It is undeniable that Instagram is one of the most convenient smartphone application travelers used to record their travel. And if you’ve been following some top travel instagrammers, you would realize that their travel pictures are almost surreal and too beautiful to be true. Now, here’s sharing some tips how to take take instagram worthy pictures during your travel by just using your smart phones:

1. Take pictures horizontally. Always take the shot with the phone in horizontal position. Reason being is to get the most part of the scenery in the original picture and then crop it in square format directly on Instagram so that you have a choice to show what you really want to show your followers.

2. Don’t hesitate to get dirty.’ If you want the best picture of a scenery or a very original shot, look for new angles from the ground, from high, over a canal or a river and go to places where other people don’t go. 

3. Turn on the HDR mode when capturing a scene where there are both extremely bright and dark areas.

4. Turn on flash when photographing people in daylight so their faces don’t look too dark.

5. Use Instagram filters. Don’t be afraid to edit your photos. If you know how to post process or edit your photo it’s possible to never take a bad photo.

6. Be creative. Eg: Line up your hand to make it look like you’re holding the building that you are shooting.

7. Clean your smartphone lense. A clean lense ensures clarity and sharpness of your photo.

 photo bella-hadid-sexy-high-slit-plunging-v-neck-halter-red-prom-dress-cannes-2016-1_zpswpofu2fy.jpg

8. Make effort to dress up. If you are doing OOTD, make sure you choose a dress that befitting the scenery or an outfit that is really striking so that you will look standout in the crowd. Let’s say you want to go all out and do a celebrity look, perhaps you can choose to wear Blake lively dresses or if you’d like to do something more classy and outstanding, go for dresses like Rihanna red carpet dress. And a light makeup to bring up colour to your face wouldn’t bring any harm either.

9. Make use of selfie stick if you are traveling alone and needed a good selfie.

10. Make use of timer to time your shots if you are traveling on your own.

Taking travel photos for your instagramming pleasure does not have to be a pain, and I hope you’d benefit from the tips above. Happy instagramming and don’t forget to share your beautiful pictures with a personalized travel hashtag.

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