Tips on Dressing Up in Style While Traveling

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As someone who travels often and loves to mix business and pleasure whenever I’m on my trips, packing up can be quite a nuisance as I’m pretty vain. And despite it being a business trip, I refuse to let style go flying, even if that means making luggage heavier.

I used to carry almost the whole wardrobe with me whenever I travel, but a friend of mine shared some useful tips on packing up light but still make me look like I’m worth a million dollar.

Here’s sharing some must haves for die hard fashionistas while traveling:

1. A pair of jeans
2. Plain coloured shirts
3. Custom made dresses that does not crease
4. Shawl
5. Sunglasses
6. Accessories like earrings, bangles and necklaces.
7. Liptint ( they doubles perfectly as lipstick and blusher)
8. Sunscreen/ CC Cream
9. Travel sized toiletries
10. Wet wipes

The trick to traveling light and looking good is not a heavy luggage. I wasn’t very smart and used to stash half of my wardrobe into my luggage whenever I travel, resulting to having to pay more to the airlines and whatnot for excess baggage but little did I know that looking good while you are traveling, be it for business or pleasure lies in how you mix and match your clothing and your accessories. Be creative as you can. Put up some makeup and pair up your accessories like earrings and bangles with plain black shirt and skirt or just a necklace with a stylish summer dress or lunss and I assure you that you will look like a bombshell you really are during your travel. Or if your itinerary includes a romantic dinner, you can go all out and dress up in a custom made bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids dresses are not just for weddings. To be honest they are pretty versatile if you know how to pick them up for dinner dates or special occasions.You’ll be turning heads, that’s for sure.

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