I Love Yoo!


I was lurking around in the mall with my son again the other day after his holiday class. It was a rainy day and despite the fact that I did not plan to window shop again in such a short period of time, I had no choice but to stay in the mall as it was raining cats and dogs and dinosaur outside. I had no idea why it rains so suddenly like that. It was really sunny and then out of the sudden it raina heavily. Having umbrella does not even help at that point. 🙁

My son and I were practically drenched from the rain and we were feeling cold. And so I decided that there’s nothing better to do than to warm our tummies with a bowl of hot porridge.

We headed to ‘I Love Yoo’. The outlet is located on the ground floor of KL Festival City and I ordered a set of porridge costing Rm4.90 for myself and a medium sized currypuffs for my son.

The set meal was pretty decent, I must say. It comes with a bowl of scallop porridge along with a pair of Chinese crullers. The porridge was thick and creamy, just the way porridge should be and the crullers was crispy on the outside and fluufy on the inside. I was surprised that I was actually considering to order another round of it.

I Love Yoo! may be quite commercialized version of common traditional Chinese breakfast, but if you’re a fan of simple comfort food, you might want to give them a try. They have a few choice of porridge along with soya milk as well as assorted fried buns and pastries.

Cleffairy: I love you.

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