12.12.12. It’s a lovely date, isn’t it? A lot of people hail this date as special. Some decided to propose to their intended while plenty  others choose to mark the date by tying a knot or giving birth.

I wish I can say that 12.12.12 is my big day where I finally marry the man that I love and celebrates it with my loved ones. But I can’t. I am not fortunate enough for that and the date held no significant to me.

My husband was busy with his work, my son have holiday class to attend while I have some pending write ups to do. 12.12.12 was just another day for us to pass. It sounds pathetic, no? I thought I sound pathetic cuz I’m all routine and mundane while everyone else is doing something special on this date.

Melancoly plagued me a little bit. It’s been awhile since I let my hair down a lil bit and so, I decided not to go back home after picking up my son from his class. Instead of going straight home after lunch, I drag my son to the nearest shopping mall to hang out with me. We window shop for hours while enjoying the Chrismassy atmosphere at the mall. It is very thereupeutic, I must say. The boy used to make a fuss back then when he window shop with me, but this time around he did not. I suppose he’s relieved to get out and chill out too?

Frankly speaking, I was quite surprised that the boy did not insist me on buying him stuff or whined for some snacks. I knew that he was quite tired and hungry, but instead of complaining like he used to do, he just tailed me around. Amazing milestone, I must say. Made me wonder what I’ve done right? Or rather, what I have done wrong as it seems to me that he’s too accomodating. He must be really bored at home to the point that he did not mind tailing me around and walk with me for hours.

Anyway, I decided that my son is a good companion and make quite a wonderful date. So I decided to treat both of us with a movie in the cinema, and dinner after it’s over.

Since my husband is working and was not home, I wasn’t really in a rush to go back to an empty home. We stayed in the mall til it’s closed and we were only ready to call it a day after supper at 11pm.

12.12.12 was nothing special to me and I had nothing pre-planned, but hell, I had so much fun with my son. I wonder if he’ll remember this when he grows up and cherish our memories together? I certainly do hope so. 😀

Cleffairy: Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but it’s all about dancing in the rain and enjoying the precious moments.


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