I was in Seventh Heaven

It was my first time ever in Seventh Heaven, and it was definitely something that I would remember for the rest of my life. The experience of it was…exciting, arousing, and not to mention, rather erotic. It’s something one have to experience themselves to understand what I’m talking about.

If I were to explain it, I’d say, it’s a cross between Kamikaze and Screaming Orgasm shots. Exciting and exhilarating, and yet, rather mind boggling and scary. It was a realm of unknown. At least to me, it was.

I went to Seventh Heaven the other day.

It’s a beauty and personal care heaven for women. Located at 7th floor in Pavillion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL. Seventh Heaven is kinda hard to find, truthfully. The pathway and the entrance to Seventh Heaven was somewhat hidden from the eyes of the public, and being a first timer, I felt as if I was walking in a labyrinth before I finally found the entrance to Seventh Heaven.

This is not something I usually do…but I’ve received an invitation from Mary Chia The Beauty and Slimming Specialist for a complimentary relaxation facial session worth RM160 via ONLY BEAUTY– the free sample website that I was talking about in my previous blog entry.

This is not a paid or sponsored post, mind you. It is something I voluntarily do on the behalf of ONLY BEAUTY and Mary Chia The Beauty and Slimming Specialist since they had all but kindly provided the grumpy fairy with a free facial.

I’m somewhat indebted with the…experience, as I’ve never been to facial treatments before in my life, period! While it’s something normal for other people, the experience is rather new to me, so, please excuse my obnoxious entry.

Since the spas and beauty centres in Seventh Heaven are for ladies only, men are usually ushered out to the lounge, giving absolute privacies to women who went to Seventh Heaven for treatments and pampering. Mary Chia’s was not excluded. Absolute privacy.

Upon arrival, I introduced myself and  was greeted with a warm smile by the the receptionist and I was quickly ushered to the consultation room where a beautician awaits to consult me. I was served with some sort of mead during my consultation session with the beautician in Mary Chia’s.

I was rather nervous, as this is my first time in such a beauty centre. I took a sip of the mead, and I guess, it was to help the clients relax, as I felt much better after drinking the mead. Much, much better.

And when I said consultation, I meant it was strictly consultation. Frankly speaking, since this the facial session was a complimentary session, I initially thought that the consultation session would be a brainwashing session instead where the staff would promote their products and various spa packages to me and persuade me to buy or sign up for membership and whatnot.

But I was glad that I was wrong. It was strictly a consultation session where I was advised on how to take care of my complexion and my well being. I was lectured for my ‘laziness’ and also my ignorance on diet. And the most horrible part would be the lecture about the eyebags.

And I sat there quietly, feeling rather small for my ignorance. But then again, I found the ‘lectures’ were meant to educate me, and it’s certainly much more welcomed than those sales and marketing talks where clients are persuaded to buy their products.

After a good full 15 minutes of lecturing on my daily activities and diets and whatnot, I was quickly ushered to the treatment area, where I was told to keep my belongings in a locker. For those who are worried about thief, worry not when you’re in Mary Chia’s.

The lockers are pretty hi-tech, and it’s thumb prints activated. You need to scan your thumb prints before you keep your stuff inside, and re-scan again when you want to take back your belongings. I was rather baffled. I didn’t expect that a spa could be so advance.

There was various stuff in the small treatment area. I’m sorry I couldn’t describe what stuff there was inside the treatment area. I was too busy being anxious and was in panic.

And why panic, you ask me? Well… there’s one thing about me that not many knows. I am claustrophobic. I fear small and closed area, and I also don’t feel comfortable in the crowds πŸ™ Plus, they had all but confiscate my spectacles. I’m partially blind without them!

I felt like crying and wanted so much to chicken out, but the beautician assured me that I’m in good hands and I will enjoy the experience. (I wonder if the people in Mary Chia’s are trained to read minds?)

I took in deep breath, and began to calm down. And before I was completely calmed down, I was told to take off my clothes. Imaginations started to run wild, and I was obviously showing my fear, because the beautician giggled and told me to put on a red colour satin tube that has been prepared instead.

She left the room for a good 5 minutes so that I get rid of my clothes and my bra and wear the silk tube instead.

The beautician who was in charge os taking care of me reenter the small and dark room and asked me if I’m ready for the treatment. Nervously, I said yes. And so, she asked me to lay down on the small bed and covers me with a blanket as she lowered down the temperature and turns on some music as well as light up some aroma theraphy candles.

The devil in me was partying, scaring me rotten; that if I were to be murdered, nobody would find my dead body! Seventh Heaven is rather hidden, after all.

Anyway, there was no murders involved, thank God! I stepped out of Mary Chia’s in one complete piece, and I even managed to relax as the facial and some light massage was performed on me. It was sensuous, yet extremely relaxing.

I was tensed up, truthfully, but thanks to the skillful beautician, I even fell asleep during the facial. Yes, she’s that good. She managed to make me sleep throughout second half of the facial session. She works wonder on my face and tensed body, and I felt much lighter when I walked out of the room after the session was over.

I had quite an experience in Mary Chia’s, and I would recommend it to you ladies out there. They’re good. Really good, and if I was asked if I’ll go back there again? I’s say, I would, despite of my claustrophobia.

On a second thought, though the beauticians in Mary Chia’s are very good, I probably won’t go there for facial, but some relaxing bath instead. LOL…at least it won’t be in the dark! πŸ˜› ( I’m hopeless, aren’t I? My claustrophobia is still not cured yet, despite of the amazing experience in Mary Chia’s)

Thank you, Only Beauty and Mary Chia The Beauty and Slimming Specialist. This is one experience that I would not forget.

Cleffairy: There’s a reason why I love beaches, folks. Beaches are huge, open space and they do not confine me in a closed area.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalah, it’s very hi-tech wan la… they use thumb print to activate the locker. Then when close liao, if dun have ur thumb print, kenot open the locker wan!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah… how come the print is gone? Den dun use thumb lorr… can use other fingers wan ma, oso same.

      Go and try la… hopefully I get some other voucher or sth, and sumbat to you! πŸ˜›

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