I Wrote Dangerously

For those who have been frequenting my blog would probably know what I do for fun. Which is write. Write nonsense, write out my fantasies, write out those romance that’s supposed to happen to me but did not. I write for a living. And I write for fun.

It didn’t sound fun at all, did it? But then again, I’m not a wizard or a magician. I have no talents of making a rabbit appearing from the folds of a hat and I also can’t work with potion or conjure spells and put  nasty curses on people. I hate my lack of ability to do things efficiently, so that’s probably why I write a lot. It’s wishful writing, I suppose.

Writing has been a part of my life, and always will be, though I am not always productive all the time. November is always productive for me though my pitiful blog is sorely neglected, cuz there’s NaNoWriMo, where people all around the world goes on a crazy attempt to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in just 30 days. Crazy people who loves to write like me motivates each other and goes on word sprints or write ins to get our fingers dancing on the keyboard to churn out words from our brains.

That’s why I love November so much. Cuz I get a boost from all over the world, telling me that I am not silly or even wasting my time putting the ridiculous things from my head on the white sheets. November taught me to let go and just enjoy being just me.

Anyway, I’ve won the challenge and earned my yearly rights to boast. Hey, hey, bear with me, I said. LOL… I don’t camwhore, cuz people will probably puke after seeing my pic, so this will have to do! LOL… so bear with me for a while, okay? Let me hear the okay and drum rolls, please…

I broke my personal records this year…feel free to use the numbers to buy 4D or even toto. Just remember to give me a treat if you hit the jackpot, tho.

I wrote: 15,2340 words (that’s 300++ pages, 12pt in Times New Roman)

I drank: 56 cups of Lipton tea, 15 glasses of iced Milo in the middle of the night throughout Novermber 2009.

I ate: Tons of fattening, instant stuff that my late grandmother won’t even recognize as food.

I indulged in: 3  packs of dynamite choco-mint candies, a dozen of Chupa Chups orange and strawberry flavoured lollipops, 1 pack of monsters candy and half tub of chocolate ice cream.

I missed: A lot of soap operas shown on the telly.

I slept: 4-5 hours a day and dream about my devilishly handsome hero and nightmares about lusty sorceress who lusts after my hero.

Anyway, I get these as a recognition of my insane effort:

And because I am also part of the NaNoWriMo YWP, I also get extra badge to tell the world on how looney I can get…

Oh yeah, I get this too…

Yikes! A cert to confirm my lunacy!

And here, I’d like to thank everyone who had been supportive and be there for me throughout November, especially my kitty, Meow Meow for accompanying me throughout November as I embark on my dangerous writing adventure while the rest of my world snores away.

I would drop into a court curtsy if I could in honour of this historic entry, but I think I shall end this entry with a little quote from my novel in progress:

Within the dark shadows of my heart, the torch’s glow reveals your face. Within the dungeons of my soul, the corridors echoed with your laughter. Within the castle’s wall of my resolves, your tender caress sets them ablaze. Within the misty forest of my memories, your soft kisses summons my name. Within my daydreams of tomorrow, we sleep in each other’s arms. And within my wildest wishes, you claim me to be yours.

Cleffairy: My head is full of mush! I have no idea why you people think I’m a fierce and cranky person. LMAO!

P.S: One would have noticed that I am not using Windows Operating System if one see closely on the NaNoWriMo cert screenshot. Nope, you did not see wrongly. You’re right. I am not using Windows. I am using Ubuntu, Linux based operating system. It’s an open source operating system, which means, you don’t have to pay for the license to use it. I might write about Ubuntu when I feel like it one day.


  1. Christopher says:

    woah..i guess im the first one to comment!! well…u r really talented cleffairy! Judging by your posting, you’re really good in elgish and ..err.. is literacture the word?
    hmm… u seems high-tech too! I always wanted to explore all these open source stuffs but always don’t have the time or involved in some other activities. Anyway, Im glad I tried out google street today.

    Well, since the competition is over, you better eat somne healthy food and rest well! Time to rest your engine after a long drive..LOL

  2. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi there, read of you at Reanaclaires and busybody over and….aha, I noticed something familiar at your blogroll, ha ha.
    Now I know where that subtle scent of a woman comes from, and the soft footsteps when I’m sleeping.
    We are 13 hours behind you.
    Nice posting.
    Have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

  3. eugene says:

    Hello, i am not surprised at all that you’ve won, to me you are just a “human writer” meaning you write with feelings of the likes of you and me,,, it is easy to get warmed up to your writing.

    and one thing for sure, i am honored to be called your friend and your bro,,,, truly happy for you,, go look for publisher now and get it promoted,,, seriously ,,,,,,you know i have read many of local writers,(all genres) almost most of them are dull, i am seriusly, plain dull, so may be you can break that taboo, cleff, go for it ya,,,

  4. Joanna says:

    Hi there,
    Dropped by after visiting Claire’s place and hey, someone who seeks refuge in words! 🙂

    NaNoWriMo is something that has always taunted me. Never took up the challenge though. So, good on you! Congrats and nice piece of work there judging from the excerpt 😛

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