AIDS is a mass murderer

I haven’t been really paying attention on writing my blog these days. Something else were occupying my mind and body. I was busy writing my novel, and still writing though NaNoWriMo 2009 is over. I won. And I wanted so much to gloat about my achievements, but that will have to wait another day, because today, 1 Dec 2009, is World AIDS Day.

And because today is World AIDS Day, I’ve ‘invited’  VIPs to give you all a message. They have something to tell you. Let’s see if you readers can recognize who they are, and what these people have in common with each other.

Here’s what they have to say:

These people knows what they are talking about. They killed PEOPLE, after all. AIDS is no difference. AIDS kill people too.

Consummation of love instead of casual sex makes a difference. Being faithful makes a difference. Being makes a difference.

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Playing it safe makes a difference

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Stop victimizing the innocents. They are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters.

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They are our brothers…

They are our children, our future

They are you, me and us

AIDS does not discriminate. So…

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Cleffairy: AIDS is a mass murderer. Stop it. Love yourself and stay faithful.


  1. claire says:

    Yes, Aids is getting alarming ..but humans are still not wary about the seriousness of it.. i guess the sexual urge overrides the consequences of having unprotected sex..

  2. eugene says:

    You know literally i still have got friends who frequent pros without any precaution, and boldly they can tell me, what’s the fun of using condoms when having sex, it is like rubbing the penis against the wall, i really wish them well………but they did tell me,most of the pros will adamantly decline their business if no use condoms, that’s a plus point.

  3. ARC says:

    nice posters sis.haha
    Well, Im very aware of what cause AIds and whatnot
    So there’s slim chance that I will get affected by it.
    God wills~

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