Jasa Kita Berhad Collaborates with Metabo to Power Up Malaysia

Malaysia is well known for being a developed country that offers not only cultural diversity to tourists and travelers alike but also unique modern architecture that’s often described as the wow factor. Among the well known modern architectural icons in Malaysia is it’s majestic twin skycrapers located in the heart of it’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur; the Petronas Twin Towers.

We have seen and heard stories on how beautiful and modern Malaysia is, but we know very little about those who works behind the scene and actually ‘built’ and ‘powered up’ the nation throughout it’s developing years.There are countless of individuals and companies who contribute to literally ‘build up the buildings’ in Malaysia, but here’s one I recently discovered that’s been contributing alot but remains mostly invisible; Jasa Kita Berhad.

Jasa Kita Berhad was established in 1975 and is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange since 1993. Jasa Kita Berhad’s core business is in distribution of premium quality power tools, electric induction motors, hand tools, air tools, automotive battery and other industrial supplies. Jasa Kita Berhad is the authorised distributor in Malaysia for renowned brands such as Devon, SATA, Kuani, Brook Crompton, Toshiba, and GP automotive battery. Excel& Feima Electric Motors were also developed as house brands. So, what does this mean? Well, simply put, Jasa Kita Berhad has been supplying tools and equipments that’s essential not only in the automative industry but construction industry as well. Without them, a lot of things in the automative and industry would not run smoothly and buildings cannot be built.

Jasa Kita has earned a reputation of reliability and trust among its customers and business associates, and this year (2017), Jasa Kita continues to move forward and power the nation ahead by securing the distributorship of Metabo power tools, a leading German brand as part of its portfolio of brands.

Anyway, I had this opportunity to check out Metabo’s products during Jasa Kita’s business networking session in Marriott Putrajaya recently and I thought the products that has been brought in by Jasa Kita Berhad are highly impressive.

 photo MAKEUP_20170409032914_save_zpskac9xxmh.jpg

Recognising the importance of battery operated power tools in various industries, Jasa Kita Berhad has brought in a vast number of Metabo’s battery operated power tool models to help users work with maximum efficiency and productivity. In the picture above are some of the the power tools products that has been brought in.

 photo PhotoGrid_1491845605979_zpsgo2g2tre.jpg

Some of the products that caught my attention. Sleek and edgy.

 photo BeautyPlus_20170408161122_save_zps13cwgdq5.jpg

Metabo offers an extensive range of professional tools and accessories that can be used in various industry, mainly woodwork and construction and here’s getting my hands on some of the tools.

 photo MAKEUP_20170409032714_save_zpsuyqi40uo.jpg

Upon inspection, I pleasantly discovered that the tools are reasonably mobile and light. While these tools are for professionals, they are easy enough for end users to use, so if you want one of this for your DIY home improvements thingie, go ahead and grab one or two. Personally, I think this would be a useful addition for the toolbox at home.

 photo IMG_4276_zpstaywamt7.jpg

Here’s a closer look at one of the battery operated power tool on display. Besides being light and easy to operate, Metabo products is equipped with safety features as well. This is in line with Jasa Kita’s aim to continuosly lend it’s support to the nation to continue to develop and provide users with premium quality products.

 photo IMG_4268_zpsf7uqegv1.jpg

Battery packs are not only light and mobile but packed with high output power, ensuring long hours usage per session. Here’s a bonus tidbit for users who purchase these batteries: Jasa Kita will be providing a remarkable warranty period of 36 months for the batteries.

Metabo Powertool Demo

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-04-10.

Product demo in session

Metabo Powertool Showcasing

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-04-10.

Another product demo in session

Metabo products are available in over 500 dealers and wholesalers throughout Malaysia, including hardware and machinery outlets, modern retailers and engineering product supplies companies.

For more information on Jasa Kita and Metabo products in Malaysia, hop over to this website: www jasakita.com.my

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