Join JOOX Superroom Challenge 2.0 and Stand A Chance To Win Fantastic Cash Prizes Up To RM10,000

Following the previous JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 1.0 that was well received, the JOOX music streaming app is now back with the JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 2.0 contest, upgraded with a new design that is more user friendly that will definitely give a more interactive and engaging experience to the JOOX ROOM host.

Through the JOOX Superoom Challenge 1.0, nearly 80 participants comprised of the general public, celebrities, NGOs and social media influencers. Of that number, a total of 35 participants were announced as winners.

After the competition ended, JOOX saw the number of ROOMS opened higher than before i.e. up to 200 ROOMS opened daily. A successful campaign indeed and JOOX is offering another round of the opportunity for those who missed the last round.

The JOOX ROOM hosts stands the chance to win more lucrative cash prizes in the JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 2.0 as there will be a ranking system that will determine the top 5 winners each day.

Five daily winners will receive cash amounting to:

First Place: RM600
Second Place: RM500
Third Place: RM400
Fourth Place: RM300
Fifth Place: RM200

To win a cash prize, each host must reach a total of at least 100 visitors during the JOOX SuperRoom 2.0 Challenge. Apart from that, each participant of JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 2.0 also has the opportunity to win a cash prize of up to RM3,000 through the Jackpot.

Jackpot recipients are offered to the host with the highest number of online views during the JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 2.0 competition and Jackpot prize winners will be announced after the competition ends.

However, JOOX stipulates that all participants must use the JOOX Rooms platform in their app and must navigate live sessions for at least one hour.

So guys? What are you waiting for? Let’s JOOX to share opinions, express yourselves and spread the word about your products and stuff. Take this opportunity to highlight your creativity while generating income with JOOX.

JOOX is open for all, including online merchants, celebrities and social media influencers. Take this opportunity, open your own space at JOOX ROOMS as a host and start earning your income now and win lucrative cash prizes of up to RM10,000.

The competition has already commenced since October 7 and will end on October 20, 2021.

For more information on JOOX SuperRoom Challenge 2.0 hop over to JOOX MY Facebook page HERE or

About JOOX

JOOX is a free music app made for music lovers. With an extensive library of hits from all over the world, JOOX connects you to your favourite artists, songs, albums and personalized playlists. Users can discover great new music with recommended songs and radio stations that fit your taste and mood.


* Huge Library – Instantly access music from all over the world
* JOOX Radio – Access over 50 radios with an immense number of songs
* Recommended Playlists – Find playlists recommended by us, with songs to fit your mood
* Personalized Music – Customize your playlists with your favorite songs for every occasion
* Real-Time Sharing-Share your songs with WeChat friends and on your Moments

In addition to all the great FREE features, JOOX VIP service turns it up for the real music fans:

* Play on-Demand
* Download for Offline Listening
* High Quality Streaming
* No audio ads

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