Jungle Gym, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Let me be very honest with you. I’m a mother, and I have a son who is in primary school. But I come to realized that as time goes by and as my son continues to grow up, I started to detest being around young children, especially from age toddlers to early primary. I find it difficult to tolerate their behavior and their tantrums, especially when they do it in public. Not sure if it is just me, but children these days are pretty much obnoxious. They don’t play or communicate well with others, rude, impatient, noisy and not to mention can always be seen sticking their nose to their gadgets playing games and whatnot even at the dining table. My son is autistic and boy, he was a hell of a case to raise when he was younger but these days, but strange enough, these days I find being around with my somewhat challenged son is very pleasant as he has become very obedient.

I’m not sure what contributes to my lack of tolerance towards children. I used to like them very much, but I suspect it is the way they are being raised these days, where parents are too busy with their careers and stuck in the rat race to actually ‘raise’ them, resulting them to be somewhat obnoxious, rude, loud and prone to throwing tantrums.

Call me old fashion but I don’t believe in allowing strangers (maid, babysitters etc) to fully raise our children while we are busy being in the rat race. True enough, gadgets plays a crucial part in the modern world and they helps the children to be connected with you when you are away, they are not the best of babysitters around. Yes. Children tend to be occupied with gadgets, but there ought to be balance in real life communication and cyber reality.

Young children should be given hands on experience in real life so that they could benefit from it and I believe in allowing them to be children as long as possible. The modern world is extremely competitive and parents usually want their children to excel academically and be better than their peers, but it is a mistake to force young children to grow up too fast. Stop taking their childhood away from them by chaining them to the desk or locking them up in tuition classes. Young children benefits most from play; IQ wise and EQ wise.

There is plenty of places you can bring your children to play, and at the same time, interact with children their age in a fun environment.

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One of the place is Jungle Gym in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Located on 4th floor of the shopping complex, the place is quite an ideal location for both parents and children to play and unwind, and of course, shopping.

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For younger children there is the Jungle Gym, a play area suitable for children from age 4years old to 12 years old. Surveying that play area the other day with my son, we think that the place is interactive enough to keep even hyperactive children occupied. However, I would suggest parents not to leave their children unattended while at this area. Overly excited children with adrenaline rush in this play area can be quite a hazard. So do monitor your children while at this area.

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For elder children, teens and adults, there is the joyride and for those who fancy a much more challenging activity, there is the in-line skating rink.

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In-line skates can be rented for a fee. And socks is available for sale at RM5 per pair. However, I noticed that safety helmet and knee paddings is not available for your usage upon entrance. You may purchase it at the counter at RM16 per set. I would advice you to avoid any possibilities of injuries and bring your own knee pads and helmet to use while at the skating rink. Either you make the purchase or bring your own.

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There is Jungle Cafe located nearby selling refreshments and apart from that, the place also have themed birthday party packages if you are interested to host a birthday party here.

Although I’m more into bringing my son outdoors; traveling with me to those less traveled places in Malaysia and learned about people and culture first hand, I think this place is not too shabby if you are looking for a quick, convenient fun with your children.

Admission fees to both Jungle Gym and the Skating Rink applies. For more information on their operating hours and ongoing current promotion, check out here:

Website: www.junglegym.my.

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