Just The Two of Us at The Chicken Rice Shop

It was a very rainy evening, and kiddo and I were stranded in KL Central while waiting for my husband to fetch us. We wanted something heavy and so I decided to just slack around in The Chicken Rice Shop


Ordered this for myself. Chicken rice.


For the first time ever, I did not order the set. I thought since the husband is not around, I’ll do just fine without the beansprouts, pai tee and the cloyingly sweet Nata de coco. Only ordered two combination of chicken, roasted and steamed chicken to go with the fragrant chicken rice. The rice was all right. Nothing to shout and nothing to complain about. The soup and the dip was mediocre…but still…I enjoyed it cuz I skipped lunch and was practically starving.


And as for the little man, I ordered a bowl of plain noodles. He slurped em all up and even hijacked some of my sliced chicken. The soup was flavourful and the veggies was pretty fresh. Noodle texture was springy, just the way my boy likes.

Total bills comes to Rm22.60, inclusive of drinks and tax. I’d say it’s pretty decent considering that sometimes, I pay even more at our regular mamak per meal.


Cleffairy: Most of the time, it’s just me and my little man.


  1. suituapui says:

    I like the CRS, had that at Berjaya Times Square once and then in Sg Petani, pretty good, I would say…like our Sarawak franchise, SCR, the so-called Singapore Chicken Rice. My girl loves eating there!

  2. mun says:

    I have a coupon for rm5 off rm50 spent in Chicken Rice Shop. Could not use it because I don’t think I can eat rm50 worth of food in CRS.

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