Kembara #dekatje: Teabreak session at Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre

The boys were famished after the training session and so, our ever gracious host served us with snacks under the passionfruit tree despite the fact that it is not even lunch time yet.

A small picnic table was set up under a passionfruit tree with local delights spread for our gastronomic pleasure.

 photo 20151026_105346_zpsimwy5sjw.jpg

Simple traditional savouries and sweet dessert were served to replenish the calories burnt during the training.

 photo 20151026_105706_zpsqdwy1naw.jpg

Lempeng and a side of savoury pumpkin gravy. Not something I’m familar with but it was out of this world.

 photo 20151026_105645_zpsvi5rbgco.jpg

Black coffee and sago dessert. Not a fan of either coffee or sweet things, but a mouthful of the sago dessert drizzled with palm sugar molass and coconut milk will warrant you for seconds.

Let’s hear what the boys have to say about our little teatime session in this Kembara #dekatje video.

Although I could hear some of us ladies jokingly grumble about ruined diet throughout our tea break, we were all happy with the arrangement made for us. The host really did goes all out to make our stay memorable, I must say.

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