KFC Spicy Korean Crunch


I did not feel like going home after picking up my son from school a couple of days ago. My house has no air- cond and I wasn’t really looking forward to go back home so fast as I was feeling quite under the weather. And so, after picking up my boy I decided that chilling out at the nearest KFC outlet is quite a good idea, considering that they have something new on their menu; the new KFC spicy Korean Crunch.

The spicy Korean Crunch is apparenly available for a limited time only and I thought my son would probably enjoy it, since he’s quite a fan of spicy food.

And so I ordered a snack plate of it and shared it with my son. It costs me Rm13.10, inclusive of a regular glass of Pepsi.

Unlike the original version of KFC fried chicken that comes with coleslaw and a side of creamy mashed potatoes, the new KFC spicy Korean crunch set meal came with a side of wedges and some sort or corn and potato salad.

The fried chicken is lathered with a special kind of sweet and spicy sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

The innovation made may look yummylicious but sad to report that I did not quite fancy the taste and would very much rather stick to the regular Hot and Spicy or the good old Original Recipe. The accompanying potato wedges was fine but the same can’t be said about the potato salad. It’s really not my cuppa tea. The dressing of the potato salad taste really weird.

*Sigh* Such a disappointment cuz the fried chicken looks really good and I was really looking forward to an awesome experience. I guess KFC’s Hallyu fever is quite an understatement and they don’t quite deliver their innovation like Psy have done with his international hit song, The Oppa Gangnam Style.

But…I’ll give credit where it’s due. My son seems to enjoy it very much and he polished everything off except for the potato salad.

Will I be ordering the new KFC Korean Crunch again? My answer is a definite no. I would very much prefer to stick with the Original Recipe, thank you very much.

Cleffairy: Sometimes, certain innovation is not needed to improvise a situation and better left as it is as the more you try to improvise, the worst it gets!


  1. Christopher says:

    I never tried this before too. Anyway, seldom been to KFC, as their chicken really lost standard. Gone are the days when I was a kid and KFC is an indulgence! The crispy chicken back then are really good!

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