Chicken Rice Balls vs BBQ Chicken Rice

Thanks to nasty event in Skudai earlier on, where I got so mad at the organizer for Linux Varsity Skudai 2010 and even madder at the Rose Cottage Skudai Hotel, I get to visit Malacca after that cuz my husband thought it’ll do me good to visit Malacca to soothe my anger a bit.

When we finally arrived in Malacca, I tried this Malaccan specialty Chicken Rice Ball somewhere in Mahkota Food Court, in the town of Malacca…and I have to say, it’s VERY, VERY disappointing despite the appearance looking rather appetizing.

The chicken rice balls were not fragrant enough and it tasted like normal rice balls instead of chicken rice balls, though the portion is rather generous.

The complimentary soup was very diluted and I could only taste the msg instead of the chicken soup. Apart from that, it has a very strange, nasty smell. Disgusting! Wouldn’t want to waste money on this stuff ever again!

I’d trade it for the BBQ Chicken rice  that my husband had from the same stall any day, however…it’s way better than the so called famous chicken rice balls!

Umm… sorry about the picture…lol… my husband was too hungry to wait for me to snap the picture. LOL.

Cleffairy: Famous does not necessarily means nice or good!


  1. mnhl says:

    So dissapointing. Should got to Jonker st. There is one shop selling this chicken rice ball. I believe will taste very much better than the one in the food court.

  2. Cheeyee says:

    To me, the chicken rice ball just the rice in ball shape only. Others like the chicken meat are same, nothing different. After you have eaten the rice into your stomach, isn’t it same? LOL!

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