Kicking off Chinese New Year 2016 with Hacken Lee at Resort World Genting

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Are you a fan of Hacken Lee?  Hacken Lee is a well known vateran singer hailed from Hong Kong. Not sure if you are a fan, but for those who were born in the 70s and 80s would surely remember his glorious time, especially in the 90s. Popular for his upbeat and soothing songs, Hacken Lee has never failed to surprise his fans with his soulful and energetic performance. Hacken, crowned as the singer with Zero Defect Vocal is not only a popular Hong Kong singer but has since been an actor, television host and sportscaster. He rose to fame in 1985 in a singing competition where he won with his rendition of Alam Tam’s hit ‘Love in the Fog’

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The sensational singer was in Malaysia to perform for his concert during the recent Chinese New Years eve in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. The concert was exclusive for his fans who were ushering the year of the Fire Monkey in Resorts World Genting.

Divided into two sections, earlier with the slow and romantic ballads and second half of the show a more energetic and upbeat sonhs so to prepare for the countdown, Hacken ushered in the concert with his first song by Alan Tam  ‘Love in the Fog’  as the opening theme for evening.

The songs performed during the concert were either his own songs or songs made popular by famous artistes.

During the concert, Hacken serenaded fans with his own rendition of everlasting cantopop songs made popular by artistes namely  ‘Wind’ by the late Leslie Cheung, a mandarin hit ‘Cannot Forget You’ by Jacky Cheung.

Adding spark to his concert were two young and talented special guest artistes namely Huqin artist, Chan Pik-sum and rapper artist RX Wong Ho Pong.

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Pik-sum showcased her talents on the Chinese bowed string instrument known as Erhu and performed together with Hacken in his self made popular hit Fly Flower.  Subsequently, Pik-sum used a higher pitch erhu called Gaohu. Together with Hacken both artistes continued to serenade the crowd with Hackens popular hit back in the 80s, Halfmoon Serenade, the Cantonese version of the Japanese hit that was composed and sung by Naoko back in 1987.

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Later in the concert, Hacken appeared in full white attire with a white mask in significant to his participation in ‘King of Mask Singer which he won during episode one of the China Jiang Su TV competition in July 2015.  He sang the winning songs Mount Fuji made popular by Eason Chan and a Mandarin hit Cannot Forget You made popular by Hong Kong Superstar Jacky Cheung.

The concert then continued with the upbeat section where Hacken wowed his crowd with fast songs such as Victory, Myth of Summer and many other others.  Also present in the second half of the concert is young Hong Kong rapper artist- RX Wong Ho Pong who awed the audience with his rendition of hip hop pieces that include rapping, impersonating of sounds such as cars, planes and many more.

During his performance, RX also called for a battle of sounds with Hackens band drummer Mel at the concert where RX impersonates sound and Mel is required to follow. It got the crowd excited during the battle. Later, Hacken came into the scene and suggested a cooperation between the drummer and rapper by creating good music for the audience. Together, all the artistes performed World Cup Football related songs such as Victory & Fans Journey that got the audience dancing to beat.

As the clock draws nearer to 12am, Hacken called for a countdown starting from 20 seconds to 12am together with the crowd. The minute the clock strikes 12 midnight, Hacken wished the crowd Gong Hei Fatt Choy and straightaway went down the stage to distribute the Chinese New Year goodies to fans while singing two Chinese New Year songs namely Choy Sen Dou (Prosperity God has arrived) & Ying Chun Fa (Welcome Spring).

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Besides giving the audience a fantastic performance, he gave an awesome countdown to the Lunar New Year before coming down from the stage and walked around the Arena of Stars to give the adoring fans some tokens for good luck before going back up the stage again to sing for them. The excitement continued with fans then started to distribute Angpow to Hacken on the stage. It was indeed a happy occasion for Hacken receiving so many Angpows from the audience. He instead assured the audience he will keep the Angpows for his two sons Ryan and Rex education.

The concert ended with Hacken serenading his fans with more songs and wrapped up the show with his ever popular hit Red Sun (Hong Yat).

Hacken Lee’s recent concert in Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands was nothing short of fabulous and it’s definitely a wonderful start to the year Fire Monkey 2016.

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