Kisses From Heaven

Title: Kisses from Heaven

Publisher: Carina Press

Pub Date: 04/04/2011


Author: Jennifer Greene

I used to hate contemporary romance. I find it rather boring and too much to digest, but thank God Jennifer Greene makes it simple bearable. Like most of her contemporary fictions, Kisses from Heaven is not only just tolerable, but believable as well.

Ms. Greene did a wonderful job in developing the plot, the characters as well as the conflict. I couldn’t help but feel drawn to the problems her characters are having, as it’s really close to home.

Unlike regular romance, contemporary romance fiction characters usually struggles with a lot of issues that will make you think a lot, and Kisses From Heaven is no different in that aspect.

I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the rest of her books, and if I were to rate this book, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Book description:

Loren Shephard is too proud to ask for help and too broke to pay for it. She has her hands full with a demanding career, a grandfather who can’t stay away from the bottle, a spoiled younger sister and a mansion that’s fallen into disrepair. When Buck Leeds stumbles into her life and starts fixing things-and arousing feelings she never knew she possessed-she can’t help but fall for the brawny stranger.

Loren’s trust in Buck is shattered and she’s filled with self-doubt when she realizes her first impressions of Buck were all wrong. How can she build a future with a man that reminds her too much of her past?

The release date for this book is 4th April 2011. For more information on this title, click here to go to the author’s website.

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