‘Know your size’ workshop with Young Hearts

I was invited by Young Hearts to attend their bra workshop last week. It was held in their new outlet in Tropicana City Mall.

Cozy looking lingerie outlet, don’t you think?

I was thrilled to be given a chance to attend this workshop in conjunction of their newly launched bra collection, Belle. ( I love lingerie and those delicate things, so whatcha gonna do about it? :P)

Belle is a collection of bras for everyday wear. The designs are mostly sweet-looking and comfortable, and I have to say that I was pretty tempted to get a few pairs myself too.

The aim of the workshop is to help and educate ladies on how to choose the right bra.

Buying the right bra may seem really simple but it can actually be quite complicated. Choosing a bra can be a difficult task especially if you are new to wearing one or never had someone shown you the correct way of selecting the right bra size and style.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for a brassiere. Body types are different, we come in all shapes and sizes and so do women’s bras. Whether you are shopping  for a bra, you must select the bra that is right for your particular physique and size.

There are health concerns, comfort and appearance-related issues involved with selecting the proper bra.Take some time to do research.Many women wears bras that is not quite suitable for them. Some bras offer little or too much support, and displace the breast tissue, pushing it under the arm or flattening it around the breast wall. Wearing the wrong bra may not only look and feel uncomfortable, but may likely cause discomfort to the wearer as well.

There are things you should know before choosing a bra:

Know your measurements – take your measurements beforehand

  • Purpose for the bra – is this bra for everyday use or activity specific
  • What will you be wearing over it – color selection is important
  • Whether or not the design, the fabrics will suit you or not.

It was really an educational workshop, but I can’t really share in details what was taught in the workshop as the whole session was conducted in Mandarin, and I don’t exactly communicate effectively in that language. Can’t speak the language, can’t really read all the Chinese characters and I usually struggle to understand what’s being said.

But despite of the language barrier, I suppose I managed to absorb some important points, and at the end of the day, I not only managed to learn a few things about choosing the correct bra size, but I get these from Young Hearts too. LOL. Goodie bag containing toiletries pouch as well as a box of panties. 😀

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Cleffairy: Do you really know your size?

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