It takes TWO to be connected

Do you guys remember reading my blog post on how two things work better together than one thing?

Well, apparently, not all of my readers and parents understood the concept of how two things can work better than just one thing on its own, especially when it comes to growing up milk powder.

It upsets me when I received comments such as these in my previous blog post on a certain brand of growing up milk powder:

  • I’m against formula milk…breast milk is the best for babies…
  • There’s a few growing up milk brand in the market that has more DHA than Anmum Essential, and costs cheaper.

Yes, sure, I won’t argue with you that breast milk is the best food for babies, but what I’m talking about here is not milk for babies, but milk for growing up children who are over the age of 1 year and has passed weaning stage.

Feeding your 2-4 years old toddlers with only solid foods is just not enough.  Growing up milk can play an important role in providing a healthy nutrition in your children’s diet! So, choosing a good growing up milk so that you children can benefit from the nutrition that’s specially formulated for their growing up years is a really good idea.

And, on the second comment, I would like to clarify that a growing up milk powder that contains high DHA content is not necessarily the best choice. There is much more to optimal brain bevelopment than just high DHA alone.

Sure, DHA is one of the key ingredient that helps build brain cells, and DHA is a must have in your children’s growing up milk. But Gangliosides are equally important and play a key role in the formation of brain cell connections. This just makes sense right?… build and connect – not just build. For learning to happen brain cells need to be connected – the more connections the faster the learning.

So, in other words, choosing a growing up milk powder that merely contains a lot of DHA it is not enough. The growing up milk powder needs to contain another key ingredient that helps brain cells to be connected in order to make learning happens.

DHA and Gangliosides needs to work together alongside one another like a team… just like this video below:

Watch the video above, and you’ll get what I mean. Whenever you choose a growing up milk powder for your children, you should think about choosing a growing up milk powder that combines both DHA as well as Gangliosides along with other vitamins and minerals in it.

And so far, only Anmum Essential is the only growing up milk brand in Malaysian market that contains not only more DHA, but more Gangliosides in it too.


  1. Andrew says:

    An honest review, I would say. Nothing beats the goodness of breastmilk for baby below 6mths. Before my boy turned 1 years old, I have been debating with wifey on the right formula milk to choose for growing up. There are 2 points that we consider. First would be the sugar content, which certain brands have it excessively in their formula. I do not want my son to be hyperactive due to the sugar consumption. The second one would be the essentials (vitamins, DHA, etc).

    • Cleffairy says:

      Mothers milk is always the best food for babies, but beyons the age of 2, after weaning off breastmilk, I would highly recommend Anmum Essential, as it’s not only rich with DHA and Gangliosides, but it has no added sugar too, which will definitely benefit the child in the long run. 😀

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