Dr. KO Skin Specialist Offers PicoWay Advance Laser Solution in Malaysia

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PicoWay, one of the most advanced laser solution for tattoo removals and benign pigmentation has recently been unveiled and Ko Skin Specialist is only place in in Malysia to offer PicoWay laser technology. PicoWay is the propriety laser technology of American-based medical aesthetic device company Syneron-Candela; distributed in Malaysia by Beaumedic Aesthetic M Sdn Bhd

DR KO Picoway Laser Launching

The machine was unveiled at an out of this world launching event held at Aloft Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. In the video, launching gambit presentation.

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The technology uses the shortest laser pulse in the market – 375ps and 450ps, measured in picoseconds – trillionths of a second-, the laser then effectively breaks down pigment into tiny particles to be cleared by the skin.
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Speaking at the launching, Dr. KO himself. According to Dr. KO PicoWay is a game changer as the laser energy is delivered to the target pigment particles while minimising the amount of heat absorbed by the skin.with PicoWay, Malaysians will have a laser treatment ideal for their skin tone. This technology is also generally used as a premier alternative to traditional laser tattoo removal.

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Also in attendance during the launching; renowned singer Atilia Haron; actor, Idris Khan, film director, Erma Fatima; Astro SuperSport host Amanda Chaang; TV host Yasmin Hani, actress Tengku Putri Najuwa. These local artists shared their experience using the state of art laser trchnology.

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To find out more about PicoWay and what they have to offer, check out the links below:

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