Kungfu League Movie Review


So, I went to the premier of Kungfu League with my husband and son. Growing up watching movies with kungfu genre featuring legendary kungfu masters like Wong Fei Hung, Bruce Lee, Fong Sai Yuk, Ip Man and many more somehow gives me the impression that I will be watching a straight, no nonsense kungfu movie with a healthy dose of blood oozing here and there. But I ended up watching something else entirely. I’m not quite sure how to classify Kungfu League, but if I were to describe the movie without feeding you spoilers, I’d say it’s a hydbrid of action, romantic-comedy with a dose of inter-dimension time traveling sci-fi.

The movie is absolutely riveting and impossible to fall asleep while watching (I tend to fall sleep in the cinema if the movie is too boring). Storyline is fantastic. The writer must be either drunk while writing or is a genius.

The plot and scenes were beautifully stitched together and the kungfu moves were beautifully choreographed.

It was really enjoyable. I laughed all the way throughout the movie at the humourous scenes while being impressed of all the suave kungfu stances in the movie.

Out of 10 stars I’d give this a 15. My only complain is that I did not get to see enough of the kungfu masters being topless.

Highly recommended and if you grew up watching kungfu movies, especially about the lengendary kungfu master Wong Fei Hong, you’d really enjoy this.

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