Laying low…

I feel sick… and tired of the things that’s going around in my country lately. I mean, there’s so much bad news, and so much anger among my people right now in Malaysia.

I suppose some of my readers are wondering why I choose to zip up my mouth regarding the BERSIH issue despite the fact that I strongly support the freedom of expression and despite the fact that I am a voter and there’s nothing that I desire more than a clean and transparency in the coming General Election. For those who don’t know what BERSIH is… it’s a movement that supports clean and fair election-which is declared illegal by the current Malaysian ruling government *ooopsss, dictatorship much?*. ‘BERSIH’ is a word derived from Malaysian language, bearing the definition ‘clean’.

Well, this is why I’m laying low: I refuse to be a marionette on a string by feeling upset over issues that I do not intend to participate due to safety reason. What benefit do I get by getting all emotional about it? I feel that if I do not intend to participate in the rally to express myself, then I better keep my goddamn mouth shut and I shall do my part when the election comes: by voting, by exercising my rights as a voter.

I know a lot of people are expressing their frustrations over various social media websites and whatnot, but you know something? That is something coward-ish to me. True patriots won’t just talk and vent. They would do something much more than just vent around. They would do something that comes out with an actual result.

For those who are making so much goddamn noise over various social media… I won’t suggest you to stop, but I do hope that when the parliament has been dissolved and the times comes for you to vote, you’ll go and vote instead of merely making annoying noise. One vote could make a difference. If you do not like the current ruling government, then the General Election is the time for you to choose a better leader for a better Malaysia.

Cleffairy: Do you not know that empty cans makes most noise? And did you know that there are various ways to exercise your freedom of expression than merely venting your frustrations over social media countless times?


  1. suituapui says:

    Go down to the streets…grab hold of one, ask them what the rally was all about…what were the things they were asking for – how many would be able to answer, you think? It was a peaceful rally gone out of control and exploited to become an anti-government protest…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Exactly my sentiment. And did you see some of the vids? Most of them are young… very, very young… and I doubt any of them are voters, even. I know a majority knows what BERSIH is and that is why they joined the rally, but not all knew what it’s about. 🙁 Some are just punks, syok protest oni.

      Someone told me that some of them thought the rally is an anti-gov protest… worst, some thought it’s to guling the monarchy system… tsk tsk tsk…dunno wud is BERSIH and yet joined in! What the hell… 🙁

      This round I choose to shuddup… kakaka… got fed up with things that I cannot change or control… I feel that the only thing I can do is just vote when election comes. At least… that’s in my power, no?

  2. Twilight Man says:

    One kid was Marina M’s daughter and I was taken aback too. Anyway, I agree that their march was a good way to give pressure to the government to feel the anger. No matter how they sweep them under carpets, the next elections will show since they almost lost their control in previous one. I didn’t march cos I was in Thailand but I will be involved in helping the MP of Segambut soon. I was being roped in for my fiery mouth. LOL

    • Cleffairy says:

      Wah, really? Marina M brought her anak to the rally? I din know that! Ohhhh… I definitely hope the GE this time will show a very ‘different’ result.

      As far as I’m concerned, people are much more politically aware of what’s going on in this country since Pak Lah took the helm, thanks to his incompetency…and with this BERSIH movement, somehow, someway, the SPR will need to show more transparency if they want a smooth election this year. Hmm…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes… and the people in fb and other social media sites is beginning to get on my nerves. All talk and no action! And when you choose to keep quiet about it instead of sputtering dissatisfaction over those sites, they condemn you a mindless bimbo who cares nothing about her country! Makes me wonder, does silence constitute indifference? As far as I’m concern, the one who is foolish is those who made so much noise but when the time comes for them to join in in voicing their opinion, they hide at home! Hypocrisy at it’s best. But can’t really blame them. Right at the moment, I don’t feel that this country is even worth dying for.

  3. Gratitude says:

    Fairy, I beg to differ. I was one of the participants in the rally, proud of my fellow countrymen who saw no difference in skin-colour nor religious beliefs on that day.

    Pressure on the rally demands was an opportunity for the people to be alert and therefore rise. Having followed the events closely, many people previously oblivious to what’s happening to the country, either through ignorance or simply the ‘tidak apa attitude’, have finally had their eyes wide open to the actual attitude of those in power.

    Mind you, there have been so many reports that indicated severe electoral process flaws which was in-place to the BN’s advantage. So many instances of vote rigging ( would you like it if your vote is changed to supporting the BN?). Parlimentary and state perimeters have been changed so much that one seat owed by the opposition needs 90,000 votes to achieve as opposed to 5000 needed to wrest a BN safe-seat (eg Putrajaya) If the flawed electoral system is allowed to continue, your vote (and all of ours too) can never make a difference enough for a change in government. Wresting a few states (like in 2008) is the most we could achieve. If not mistaken, instead of >50 percent, it will take more than 70 percent the whole population before BN would even concede defeat. Is this fair?

    Even Marina Mahathir saw the flaws. Seriously, if we do not push for fair elections, this country will forever be in the hands of BN, not by fair means but via cheating! Mind you, BN is the longest ruling coalition in the history of the democratic world. Do you wonder why?

    Fyi too, Peaceful rallies are enshrined in our very own Constitution and is the very basic right of every human being as expounded by the United Nations charter.

    Empty vessels like me make a lot of noise. But if noise is what is needed to awaken the slumbers, then I’d shout till my tonsils burst to smithereens. Rofl

    • Cleffairy says:

      Gratitude, you misunderstood me. Did I say i did not support the cause? LOL… all I’m saying is if you’re not joining the rally and yet you’re making so damn much noise in social media, then that is called ’empty cans making most noise’. I do not see a point of complaining over and over again in fb, twitter and stuff, and yet when the time comes for you to contribute your presence in the rally, you chickened out. I’ve seen many of these people. And how many of these people who joined in the rally would actually go out and cast their vote when the time comes? You tell me… can you guarantee that all of them are voters? Do read properly before you condemn me of being indifferent.

      You joined the rally, well good for you. But for those who did not and yet complaining about unfairness of the electoral system and stuff, I would very much prefer if they shut the fuck up. The buzz is annoying especially when they practice hypocrisy.

      Joining the rally and knowing why you joined it is good… but mind you, not everyone who joined the rally knew what it is all really about. Trust me, some even thought that the rally is to bring down the monarchy system in this country. So, tell me… these sort of people… what good do they make in the rally when they do not know what they are fighting for?

      And yes, FYI too, I do know that peaceful demonstration have a place in a country that practices democracy. I’m not some mindless bimbo who just knows how to complain that she couldn’t go out shopping when people are rallying, you know? I would just like to stress that if one are not going to fight for what they believe…then they better stop making so much noise in social media. No action, talk only. It’s bloody irritating! Seen so many mothers with young children, complaining over and over again on fb… and in the end, during the rally, what did they do? Stay home…like some petrified mouse and don’t even dare to wear yellow. Den after the rally, they started to make noise again… bloody shits!

  4. Gratitude says:

    Ah-So, so the misunderstanding went both ways 😛 Your reply made perfect sense! 😉

    Please let them vent. Hopefully with all that participation, it’ll translate to the percentage of those “mindless bimbos who don’t vote” decreasing with the help of all the blaring awareness by the social media.

    Peace, say cheese! ^_^

    • Cleffairy says:

      SIGH… if only they really do vote when the election comes… hopefully when election comes, they won’t go ‘not convenient for me to vote cuz the line is too long, bla bla bla, no babysitter for my kids, bla bla bla, or I’ll be missing a big sale’ during GE. I’ve seen this in the previous election, and it shamed me as a woman!

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