Learn How To Increase Cyber Security at Malaysia IT Fair 2015

When in comes to operating system on my computers, I personally prefer Open Source operating systems, especially those Linux based. In my humble opinion, they are much more flexible and gives user control in comparison to Windows. Apart from that, they provided much better security and will not be infected by Trojans and viruses in comparison to Windows operating system(s) where basically, let’s admit it, is a giant farm of viruses and terribly loads of backdoor ‘magics’ that will appear even if you don’t use them. Experienced that with Windows 7. Three months of not turning on. Everything looks okay during shutdown but spyware magically appeared upon booting up the system. Terrible, terrible thing with so many flaws and not exactly something I approve for daily usage considering I use the desktop and laptop strictly for business and not merely just as an entertainment console.

I’ve tried plenty of Linux/Unix based distros such as PCBSD, SuSe Linux, Debian, Red Hat and Ubuntu. My current favourite is the easy to use and user friendly Ubuntu, which even my 10 years old son could easily handle.

Neway, considering that there is still necessity to use Windows for gaming purposes, the desktops and laptops I owned is naturally partitioned and is dual or triple boot, which means, one of the operating system is sadly Windows. Well, can’t help it if you need to destress by gaming. Windows basically supports all online games that I love eg: MapleStory, DoTa, WoW. You get the picture. Unless you use WINE, you can’t play those games on Linux or Unix based operating systems. Tragic. I know.

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Anyway, having heard so much about Malaysia IT Fair (MITF) is happening now until 31st August 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, I decided to check it out. Mainly because this time around they are offering very interesting deals and seminars. Malaysia IT Fair occupies over 60,000 square feet of exhibition space, has over 80 global brands showcasing business products, solutions and services. 

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For end users: Competitive deals on items like pen drive, external HD, and also latest gadgets auction. Most, will go for this at the fair but I was interested in checking out the seminars and learn how to improve security in those machines that is running on Windows instead.

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One of the attractive point is TechBiz which is the first ever large scale business-to-business event to be held in Malaysia which comprises of business platform, seminar and exhibitions.

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[email protected] is providing free essential trending IT seminars covering network security, virtualization, SME topics to public, which I attended and I have to say that there is quite some thing you can pick up from there.

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Yang Berhormat Dato’ Jailani Bin Johari, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia officiated the opening of [email protected] and also proud to announce MAMPU’s decision to use Techbiz as their platform to educate, evaluate all the latest technologies and solutions for the Malaysia government and business communities and general public.

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If you happen to drop by, please do check out the Kaspersky booth for security solution for your Windows operating system. Yes. Just the thing that I need to prevent my Windows to turn into WinBlows. There are three main new features not found before in KIS 2015, firstly is Private Browsing, where your data is protected from social sites and agencies so that your browser activity is private and safe, locations and search history cannot be stolen as many agencies will try to resell them to send targetted ads to you. This feature is able to remove those illegal software via a plugin.

The next feature is KIS 2016 Change Control that is able to detect any process that tries to make a change in your system and a report will be sent to you. Exactly the crap that I experienced with my Windows 7 quite some time ago. Another feature is Webcam Protection that prevents interception of images from the webcam and you will be notifed you when someone tries to access your laptop camera to spy on you. Just the thing that I need if I were to boot on my Windows regularly.

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Check out the security suites. The price is not too shabby, I reckon. One of it: Kaspersky Internet Security priced at RM179 for 2 boxes of 3-users 1-year licenses, making it only RM29.80 per user. Worth to invest on.

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Interested to get yourselves a new smartphone? Well, I spotted ViVo booth doing fantastic promo. Go and check it out of you are considering to get one.


Windows users will most definitely appreciate this booth. Here is where you can find out more on how to upgrade your outdated Windows OS to the latest version, Windows 10. Don’t worry. The people there are friendly. Just ask whatever you want. They don’t bite. 😉

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Being a part time gamer *cough*, I somehow drool while I was visiting this booth. Here is where you can upgrade, optimize and customize your own gaming machine. The pricing is competitive. Should you need to customize one, head over here for perfect bargain.

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Storage service providers like the well known Western Digital and Seagate can also be spotted at the fair, offering their various updated storage devices at somewhat a reasonable price.

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I had a few that I’m considering to buy but these two from Western Digital and Seagate respectively caught my eyes. One is a very slim kind of External HD while the other provides wireless feature that enable you to use to transfer datas at a more convenient manner unlike the traditional External HD.

I could go on and on talking about
Malaysia IT Fair (MITF), but cutting it short, it is worth checking out. Especially the seminars. Very insightful to say the least. There are plenty of good deals but some of the items are fairly limited so if you are going, make sure you go early.

Malaysia IT Fair (MITF) 2015 is happening now until 31st August 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Be sure to check it out.

For more info and updates, hop over to FB: facebook.com/MalaysiaITFair
IG: @MalaysiaITFair

Or simply search for the hashtag: #MITF #Celebrog for quick reviews and news.


  1. Betty Liew says:

    I also visit Malaysia IT fair on Sunday. So many IT stuff were selling at the IT fair. I get myself gaming mouse.

  2. Pooja Kawatra says:

    I have heard that electronics are really cheap in malaysia fair but missed it this time. May be bookmark it for next time.

  3. Isaac Tan says:

    love linux based OS, haha. Used to go on UNIX based workstations all the time back in my uni days.. one of the reason was the fact not many people know how to operate linux OS, hence the computer labs are always empty compared to PC based labs! 😛

    using Mac OS now though, but i’m never going back to windows. haha

  4. Leona says:

    I had been using Kaspersky for years, and it is definitely the best that doesn’t slow down the PC too..the IT fair was the best place to get the buy 1 free 1 for that too..besides lots of others great buys!

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